Pyro, Milk Wars, Daredevil and More!


What a week!  Valiant sold!  Birthright Optioned!  Pyro is coming to the CW….wait who? Well it can’t all be good news.  Truth be told I am still shocked we live in an era where so many comics now have the possibility of become movies and shows on a plethora of great networks.  We should all be grateful the adaptations continue no matter what the material.  At this point I would probably get excited for a Warriors of Plasm movie.


On to the picks…


Power Girl 2

First appearance of Pyro

The Flash continues to dig into the murky depths of their catalog, bringing yet another obscure character to the CW!


Daredevil 229

First appearance of Sister Maggie

Arguably one of the most important Daredevil runs, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchell‘s  Born Again story line is coming to Netflix.  If you are a horn-head fan but have never read this arc now is the time.

This past week Sister Maggie was confirmed as a cast member.  Trust me she’s about as important a character you can find in the comic.



Dc Young Animals Milk Wars Promo Milk Carton

This DC imprint continues to impress even if no one is really talking about it.  Hopefully Milk Wars changes all that.  The Milk Wars revolve around the Retco corporation, a devilish company that appropriates the heroes we love and transforms them into some truly whacked out versions of themselves.  Sound nuts?  Howabout Wonder Woman being re-imagined as Wonder Wife!  In today’s hypersensitive world I can’t see that going over well.

Alternate versions of our favorites are trending up these days so why not Wonder Wife and Father Bruce?

You never can tell with stuff like this but I’m a big fan of promotional items like this which are limited and not made available to the public.

I would add the first appearance of Mother Panic ( Young Animals Ashcan ), Young Animal Mix Tape and the NYCC variant for issue 1 to any collection.  Actually all the covers for issue 1 are great.  Mother Panic a criminally undervalued series featuring a character with one hell of a cool costume.


Teen Titans Volume 3 issue 87

First appearance of Solstice

I’m not a huge fan of this character but her casting is a surprise and the comic series was phenomenal.  She makes her first full later but this issue previews issue 88 and the final splash page is all her.

NOTE:  G+ member Matt Crispin touched on this character prior to me posting here.



Iron Man 217

First Space Armor

I have mentioned this before and yes I know that Iron Man armor spec is basically nonexistent.  But this time Tony needs a suit designed to fight in space.  I expect it to be wonderfully over the top. This is the first time such armor appeared in comics.


Batman UK Annual 1986

First Grant Morrison on Batman

Though Arkham and others get all the love this UK annual is where Grant penned his first Batman story and it’s similar to Batman 663 in that it’s all prose.  With Morrison’s influence continuing to reverberate throughout DC there are some keys ya just cannot afford to let pass you buy.  This one isn’t cheap and it’s rare but it does come up for sale now and again.



I is for Image 2 ( 2014 )

First appearance of Birthright

Yea I know the old preview spec has been beaten to death but this one is not super easy to find.  There are a few cheap ones on Ebay right now!  Birthright is a solid series I highly recommend.




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