Avengers-Defenders War

The Avengers battle The Defenders for possession of the Evil Eye. Eventually the two teams realize they are pawns of Loki and Dormammu and work together to stop the Earth from being absorbed into the Dark Dimension.

115Avengers #115

Avengers vs. Defenders (1)

” Below us the Battle! / Alliance Most Foul! ”

The Avengers have come to England seeking the Black Knight only to find his castle sealed by a mystic barrier. Though they must first contend with a local nuisance, suspicions about the barrier’s source will set significant events in motion.

008Defenders #8

Avengers vs. Defenders (2)

“… If Atlantis Should Fall! / The Avengers VS The Defenders Chapter 1: Deception!! ”

With Val, Namor and Hawkeye under the control of the Red Ghost, it falls to the remaining Defenders to save them and stop Attuma. Thankfully, Dr. Strange has returned from his own tribulations in time to organize the rescue.

116Avengers #116

Avengers vs. Defenders (3)

“The Avengers VS The Defenders Chapter 2: Betrayal! / Chapter 3: Silver Surfer VS The Vision and the Scarlet Witch”

The plots set forth by Loki and the dread Dormammu have begun and the Defenders have set out to recover the Evil Eye, the Avengers to stop them. The battle’s first blows are between the Vision and the Silver Surfer.

009Defenders #9

Avengers vs. Defenders (4)

“The Avengers VS The Defenders Chapter 4: Divide… and Conquer / Chapter 5: The Invincible Iron Man VS Hawkeye The Archer ”
The battle continues when Hawkeye and Iron Man renew their rivalry of old. Meanwhile, Dr. Strange must contend with the Black Panther and the enigmatic Mantis if he and the Defenders are to recover the Evil Eye.

117Avengers #117

Avengers vs. Defenders (5)

“Holocaust / The Avengers VS The Defenders Chapter 7: Swordsman VS Valkyrie / Chapter 8: Captain Amer ”

The record stands at Defenders 3, Avengers 0, but will Cap and the Swordsman be able to reverse that trend or will the Defenders continue to widen the gap? Meanwhile can Dormammu and Loki keep their alliance together long enough for their plots to play out?

010Defenders #10

Avengers vs. Defenders (6)

“The Avengers VS The Defenders Chapter 9: Breakthrough! The Incredible Hulk VS The Mighty Thor ”

A clash of titans is at hand when Thor and the Hulk square off over the final piece of the Evil Eye. Meanwhile, the other members of each group have started to piece together the conspiracy that has embroiled them.

118Avengers #118

Avengers vs. Defenders (7)

“To the Death!”

This is it, the fateful climax of the great struggle that has raged between these two powerful units. They can only hope that their combined might is enough to unseat Dormammu.

011Defenders #11

Avengers vs. Defenders (8)

“A Dark and Stormy Knight”

With Dormammu defeated, the Avengers depart leaving the Defenders to their original task of saving the Black Knight; a quest that will span both time and space.