Thanos War

For many people, the definitive Captain Marvel and Thanos stories. Jim Starlin presents Captain Marvel’s attempts to thwart Thanos’ mad plot to achieve supremacy with the Cosmic Cube.

ironman55Iron Man #55

“Beware the… Blood Brothers!”

When Iron Man receives a strange mental contact from an alien warrior he has little time to think before he must act. He soon finds that sinister cosmic forces are at work on Earth.


Captain Marvel #25

” A Taste Of Madness! “Rick and Mar-Vell find themselves caught up in a strange conspiracy designed to break their will. If they can keep their wits about them will they be able to put all the pieces together or will answers remain elusive?

026Captain Marvel #26

“Betrayal! ”

Still fired up about a perceived betrayal, Rick urges Mar-Vell to confront Lou-Ann. There the details of the deviant conspiracy begin to take form. Meanwhile, the Thing becomes the next unwitting participant in this cosmic game.


Captain Marvel #27

” Trapped On Titan! ”

After their battle with the Thing and confrontation with Thanos Mar-Vell and Rick find themselves transferred to Titan, largest moon of Saturn. There they must attempt to make sense of the cosmic events that swirl around them.


Captain Marvel #28

“When Titans Collide! ”

Captain Marvel, having returned to Earth meets up with the Avengers in the hopes of saving Lou-Ann. Meanwhile, Thanos must deal with the Destroyer if he is to move forward with his plans.


Captain Marvel #29

“Metamorphosis! “


Marvel Feature #12

“The Bite of the Blood Brothers!”

Monitoring Iron Man from his Cosmic Cube, Thanos orders his agents the Blood Brothers to destroy him. The Blood Brothers however did not anticipate for the arrival of the Thing, who matches their strength and his rocky exterior which prevents them from drinking his blood. With the aid of the Thing, Iron man is able to fight the Blood Brothers to a standstill.


Daredevil #105

“Menace From the Moons of Saturn!”

Daredevil finds himself in a gigantic alien greenhouse and detects the faint heartbeat of a woman across the room, one that he finds incredibly beautiful. Approaching her he reaches out, causing her to snap out of her meditations and strike DD for interrupting it. Thinking that Daredevil is a thrall of Thanos she attacks him with her mental powers, however Daredevil breaks off the attacks and demands to know answers as to why he has become her target.


Daredevil #106

“Life Be Not Proud!”

Kerwin J. Broderick has been using Moondragon’s Titanian technology for his own ends in order to reshape the city of San Francisco in his own image. When Daredevil and Moondragon have learned the truth, Broderick shot Moondragon in the back. He has unleashed his latest creation, Terrex, a creature that has the power of life itself.


Captain Marvel #30

” … To be free from Control! “


Daredevil #107

“Blind Man’s Bluff!”

Kerwin Broderick merges with his last creation Terrex and demands that everyone surrender to him or he will kill everyone in the city of San Fransico. When Daredevil attempts to attack Terrex directly, he finds his legs temporarily numbed as a warning to avoid such foolish attacks again. Moondragon, Black Widow, Daredevil and Paul Carson then pull back to determine what to do next.


Captain Marvel #31

” The Beginning of the End! ”

After weeks of buildup all the pieces are set for the final confrontation with Thanos. Still can Mar-Vell and the Avengers truly hope stop the mad god or simply quake before his unchecked majesty?


Captain Marvel #32

“Thanos The Insane God! ”

Thanos has become one with the universe and Mar-Vell but a dust mote in comparison. Still, he and the others will stop at nothing to bring the Titan to justice.


Avengers #125

” The Power of Babel! ”

While Captain Marvel has been preoccupied with Thanos, the mad god has mustered a fleet bent on the destruction of Earth. It falls to the Avengers to stem the tide of battle.


Captain Marvel #33

” The God Himself! ”

With Thanos’s fleet defeated by the Avengers the time comes for the final confrontation. Though Captain Marvel will surely battle valiantly, it must take inspiration froma surprising source to turn the tables.