As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer.



1. Rhode Island Comic Con (RI Con) has a reputation of being a good show for collectors looking to buy comics at the end of comic con season. The show was like one I have never been as it felt like three shows in one. The stadium at the Dunk Area (Dunkin Donuts Center) had vendors and celebs signing) then when you went outside the stadium there were vendors all along the walls next to food concessions.

The 3rd area was the main hall where I had a walk in 12 x 10 booth, this hall had the more higher end comics. In general it felt like a local comic book show on one side, a pop show within the stadium and the main hall. The main hall had 2 high end dealers: Superworld and High Grade Comics. Prices were competitive all throughout the show. The demographic of the show was mainly from Rhode Island and people living in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Area. It look like 85k shows up, maybe even more.

2. The state of the Venom trend. We all know Venom keys took a hit online but show sales were still strong. I monitored the hit on sales to be about at least 15 to 20% reduction after the release of the movie. I wasn’t sure how my venom sales would be but I was able to sell a: Venom 1 McFarlane Sketch CGC 9.8, Amazing Spider-Man 316 VF/NM, Amazing Spider-Man 361 CGC 9.6 Newstand, Secret Wars 8 NM raw, Amazing Spider-Man 569 Granov raw FN and a X-Men Blue 1 Hans CGC 9.8 along with other minor keys.

The Venom demographic really hits the best age group as children as young as 6 and adults up to in their 40s and also a good amount of females have been buying up my Venom/Carnage comics and toys. Wherever I go people seem to be very interested and infatuated in the concept of what Venom brings.

3. Female collectors were willing to wheel and deal in the Northeast. I had my biggest sale to a female collector ever this show. I sold an X-Men 135 CGC 9.8 for $300 and that was pretty awesome. I can tell she was in love with the John Byrne cover which is gaining steam since the Dark Phoenix Trailer. I also had a few sales to few female collectors buying and filling runs for their collection. They bought a What If 10, ASM 28 and some Adam Hughes Wonder Woman comics.

4. Spawn Variants have been somewhat forgotten recently but I had a collector scoop up 4 high grade copies of Spawn 100 McFarlane cover, Spawn 232 and 2 copies of Spawn 233. I was asked if I had a Spawn 1 graded but I sold all 5 of my Spawn 1 CGC 9.8s mid-summer. I expect Spawn to heat up again next year.

5. The Boston area never disappoints with Spider-Man collectors. I wasn’t able to sell any of my bigger keys but did sell a good amount of raw copies. I sold 3 copies of ASM 212 (1 NM-, 2 in VF+), ASM 700 NM, ASM 700 variant NM/MT, Spider-Man Noir 1 NM, and ASM Annual 6. After looking over my sales, majority of my sales were Spider-Man and Venom related.

6. With the brief time I had I shopping around looking for keys, I was only able to pull an Amazing Spider-Man 101 VG for $85, Thor 225 in VF range for $37, and an X-Men Red 1 Lee NM+ for $35. I really wanted to buy more but the show required me to spend a lot of time look through each book as I did not know most of the local dealers. I was close to buying a TOD 10 in FN condition but couldn’t pull the trigger at $350. It was a decent buy but I wasn’t sure if a TOD 10 FN would hit $500 next year in FN condition. I did regret not buying a X-23 2 Vampire Varian done by Mayhew for $200. It looked like a 9.6/9.8 candidate, if I only knew at the time 9.8s were being listed at 500 to 600 dollars on eBay.

7. RI Con was the last show of the season for me, and for other bigger vendors NYCC was their last show. For those thirsty to buy I recommend going to New Orleans Wizard in January. A lot of the top vendors will start up again there then have a 2 month gap for C2E2 where I will be starting up again. It’s been fun writing for you all these past 3 shows. I hope you all have a good off season from big shows and wish you all the best of luck on your next flip



Philip Lee

Vintage Comics And Toys


My wall featured 24 fresh onsite slabs from Baltimore Comic Con


RI Con featured a highly sought out exclusive, a black and white Pennywise, awesome to see shows in the Northeast pumping out a cool exclusive like this.


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