ROM, Street Fighter, Hall of Heroes and More!

What is up comic book collectors and speculators?  This week I am providing a small sample of a long list of books I need to own.  As far as speculating I am still going heavy on certain New Gods books but I am being very careful there as DC’s movie choices scare me.  But the ROM news was refreshing and there is no reason not to own a set of yet another Bill Mantlo gem.  And finally, I have been working endlessly on some new stuff with some CBSI friends and action figures are the focus.  These things will eventually debut.  I hope you all enjoy this weeks picks.  Enjoy!



Time Magazine December 10, 1979

 I was pleasantly surprised today to find out that the ROM film from Hasbro isn’t dead after all!  The script is now being handled by the writer of Ready Player One.  Hasbro really needs a hit outside of Transformers to get this connecting universe of theirs going otherwise it looks like a life-size paper mache Groot  is in the cards for my Visionaries collection.

Rom first appeared in 1979 as a light up toy.  It received some mainstream heat thanks to its innovative design and a comic push was meant to help it along.  The toy bombed but the comic was a moderate hit for Marvel and remains one of the best written Bronze Age books.



Super Friends 1

First appearance of the Hall of Justice

I hear DC is bringing back the Hall for the revamped  Justice League comic.  That is a great idea!  The hall first appeared in this comic which adapted the beloved cartoon series.


From Metal 6…



Scooby Doo 1

First appearance of Dynomutt

DC is releasing more of the Hanna-Barbera crossover books and none look finer than the Dynomutt Super Sons cover!  Dynomutt has been around for ages and was always a personal favorite.



Nintendo Power 35

First published illustrated art for Street Fighter II characters

Reports that Street Fighter is getting a live action TV show surfaced this week.  I am instantly skeptical but the fan base remains rabid.  The franchise characters first appeared in a pull out poster here…

First comic appearance:  Street Fighter II: Ryu ストリートファイタ

Released in 1993 by Family Computer Magazine, this is the first published comic appearance of Ryu and other key characters.

Street Fighter 1 Gold ( 1993 )

First Comic Book Appearance



Vision and the Scarlet Witch 3,12

First time in the sack, first offspring for the couple.

The first time these guys got busy old Vision hit the bullseye!  A few issues later and Wanda has some kids.  Now their origin and powers are a convoluted mess but it is the first procreation for the two,  though I am not sure if it is the first comic robot/human procreation.  I have a feeling it has happened before.

  If the Vision’s offspring were to ever show up in a film then I suspect Viv will be the popular choice for speculators but….the Infinity War is set to use the relationship between the two lovers as it’s emotional core.  Wanda getting pregnant would be a hell of plot development to include.

This is purely speculative, there is nothing to suggest the two will have a baby in the E-199999.




Superman 1 ( Rebirth ) 

First appearance of Kathy Branden

Matt Crispin and Clint Joslin deserve some credit for being all over this spec.  Now that she is Beacon and has a spot in the new Titans comic, I am wondering how people feel about Kathy Branden.  There have been a lot of other Rebirth characters who have seen some spec love but Kathy?  Not so much. Maybe it’s because her first is a Superman issue 1. That issue has only one real version to look for or maybe 2…
The SDCC Foil is the rarest and most expensive. There’s also a Rockafort variant which appears to be plentiful, a 2nd print and a DC Essentials 2017 reprint.
The Walmart pack is intriguing as it is hard to find and often has condition issues thanks to the packaging and storage methods of Walmart.  It is also a newsstand reprint?!  I don’t really know how else to describe it as it has a barcode but a barcode and cover price which differs from the newsstand version of issue 1.
Jimmy Olsen 133
First Fourth World
This one is undervalued, that is all there is to it.  With a New Gods film coming how can we put greater value on the first appearance of the Fourth World?

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