Ronin, The Realm, The Prowlers & More!

New Avengers 1 ( Virgin Variant ) & New Avengers 1:100 yu Variant

First appearance of Ronin ( cover only ) and Clint Barton revealed to be Ronin

The Hawkeye becoming Ronin for Infinity War rumor has been a hot topic this past week. All the hoopla has generated a lot of buzz for a costume no one cares about. I remember when Echo was revealed to be Ronin and copies of Daredevil 9 were super hot. After that no one really bothered. Since it will be Clint who may or may not take up the mantle, appearances by Echo as Ronin are not a wise investment. At this point all I can recommend is the first costume appearance/cover and the rarest copy of the issue where Clint is revealed to be Ronin.

The Realm 1 ( Comic Quest Variant )

This series is getting a lot of deserved buzz. Now that D & D, signed, con exclusive is probably going to be the book to own but acquiring one is gonna be tough and to be honest the cover is underwhelming compared to this one. There are still copies of the badass Castlevania variant from Comic Quest. They are limited to 500 but quite cheap even if the shipping will cost ya.

The Black Panther 10

First appearance of the Prowlers

Toy based spec is usually inaccurate but in this case a new toy has been confirmed to be based on something from the film. As far as transforming, Panther robots go the Prowlers seem to be it!

The Revengers

With Thor naming his team in the new trailer The Revengers, it’s best to scoop the firsts and keys concerning that name. Even though it is probably just a line designed for comedic purposes you never know with Marvel Films. Why not cover all the bases.?

A-Next 12 – First appearance

New Avengers Annual 1 – First appearance of Revengers-Earth 616

The covers to get: Dell’Otto first print, 2nd print and sketch variant

Freex 10

First Pro work by Frank Cho

This terrible comic has a pin up by Cho. It’s not pretty but a first is a first. Sadly, to my knowledge there is no newsstand version of this book.

Coming Comics ( for April 1995 )

Publication date: January 1995

This magazine size publication for retailers is quite rare. This particular issue feature a Preacher segment that was previously unknown to me. Now I know some are down on Preacher thanks to dwindling viewership and subpar reviews for season 2. Personally I dig parts of the show enough to keep watching. They should have just let Ennis script the thing. Preacher collectors are rabid though and this one is pretty special. I always thought the Diamond Preview issue was the only publication to have the insert comic but this one has it too! Not only that it also included a 4-color poster, 2 color “revival” notices for consumer giveaways, a co-op ad slick and house/trade ads. I have never seen a complete issue of this.

Wolverine Jungle Adventure

First appearance of Erista

So everyone loves speculating on Wolverine offspring ( minus Wild Thing ) so here is a book by legends where Wolverine has a son in the Savage Land. Marvel has yet to revisit this character but it predates Daken and X-23. It’s cheap and worth reading.

Read me….

This month I am adding something new, each month I will try to add a book you should buy to read as the spec value is low. If you liked Bulletproof Coffin you will dig this trust me.

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