Welcome to the second installment of Run Recap. A simple overview of a given run with all the important 1st Appearances and Key issues you should be aware of.   Always considered a classic, yet difficult to complete run, DC’s Showcase title has brought us some great characters, has reintroduced characters back into the main stream and has also debuted some less than impressive characters/goups(sorry Angel, Ape and others…).


That said, onto the issues :


1: Scarce first issue, seriously try to locate a copy…


4: 1st Barry Allen appearance, 1st Silver Age Comic


6: 1st Challengers of the Unknown appearance


8: 2nd Barry Allen Flash/1st Captain Cold appearance


9: 1st solo Lois Lane try out issue, successful sales leads to her own series.


13: 3rd Barry Allen Flash, 1st Appearance of Dr Element


14: Final Barry Allen Flash tryout issue, Dr Element becomes Dr Alchemy


15: 1st Space Ranger appearance


17: 1st Adam Strange appearance


20: 1st Rip Hunter appearance


22: 1st Hal Jordan Green Lantern appearance


27: 1st Sea Devils appearance


30: Silver Age Aquaman Origin, try out issue, success leads to Aquaman #1


34: 1st Appearance of Ray Palmer Atom


37: 1st Metal Men appearance


55: 1st Silver Age Appearance of Solomon Grundy


59: 3rd Teen Titans appearance, success leads to #1 issue


60: 1st Silver Age Spectre appearance


73: 1st Creeper appearance


74: 1st Anthro appearance


75: 1st Hawk & Dove appearance


76: 1st Batlash appearance


80: 1st Silver Age Phantom Stranger


94: 1st appearance of the New Doom Patrol


Well, that does it for this run.  Hope you found some of this helpful or at least entertaining.  Thanks for reading!






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