Running Back: Rick and Morty. Vol 1

Maybe you love it or maybe you hate it but, you have probably at some point heard of Rick and Morty. Fans of the cartoon don’t need any convincing of the greatness of the Back to the future parody turned cult series but, for non-fans who want to know what it’s all about or those who wonder if the comics can measure up to the zany wit of the show. This Running back is for you as I go over the first trade of Oni Press’s Rick and Morty.

Issue #1 servers as an extension of the show. If you have never watched an episode of Rick and Morty you will probably be completely confused with the what the heck is actually going on. Having seen the show I was able to follow the story with relative ease. It fit in as a more toned down and grounded story as compared to the show’s antics but I could see that, if this was someone’s first introduction to Rick and Morty, it could be seen as a written Picasso with random things seeming to just be placed with no rhyme reason or explanation. With no real character introduction, the story just hits the ground running in a Wolf of Wall Street meets Time Cop tale that would probably benefit from more pages instead of an abrupt end.

Issue #2 picks up where #1 left off. This is something we rarely, if ever, see in the show. As the cartoon does not seem to actually fit into a real chronological order (sometimes you get references to other episodes but for the most part any episode can be watched at any point within its season). Here we see the story following a clear sequence of events with #1 ending with an arrest and #2 beginning with a trial. This issue helps the reader understand the characters and their relationship much better then the first and helps readers who may not be fans get an idea of the Rick and Morty formula. With a lot more strange and off the wall situations this issue has a lot of what makes the cartoon what it is, but still falls a bit short on the overall wit that the show drops line after line.

Issue #3 is where, if you doubted Rick and Morty would work into a comic book format, you would be proven wrong. The short but sweet stories fit perfectly in this format and with an art style that is not hard to mimic it’s almost like you are watching the show. A solid set up issue that won’t have anyone screaming about how they are a pickle but will keep you interested until the next installment.

Issue #4 brings on the fun with a wonderful Rick and Morty tale that makes you wonder … how does this fit into the current arc at all???? But it manages to wrap up nicely and is really a joy to ride if you have been following the previous issues.

Issue #5 ends the trade with an amazing stand alone issue that I really enjoyed. If you like The Simpsons, Family Guy, or any animated semi adult cartoon and twisted shows like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror then this one is for you. Overall a great story and while, in my opinion, not part of the first story arc, it is a great way to end a trade.

Run to read score: 4 out of 5. This is a gem of comedy and wacky storytelling mixed with pseudoscience that can be enjoyed by fans and non-fans alike. Take it for what it is and don’t let the hype give you unachievable expectations and you will not be upset.

Run for the money score: 3 out of 5 while it is chock full of first comic appearances (leaving out the whole Good Morty fiasco) I doubt a lot of characters will be sort after besides the title characters but they do have some fan favorites from the show pop up in this run. issue #1 is clearly the crown jewel of the run somehow selling for as much as a 1st appearance of cable in 9.8 even with a ton of variants this might be the actual next Walking Dead, an unexpected hit turned phenomenon that can even sell packages of McDonalds nugget sauce at a premium!

Notable issues

#1 1st Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry,  Beth and Professor Tock … 17.6k print

#5 1st Scary Terry, bird person (cameo), Squanchy (cameo) … 10k print run

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. If you have a run you would like for me to read, because it’s great, it sucks, or you just don’t have the time read it and care what I think about it drop a suggestion in the comments and I will see if I can get a hold of it.

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