San Diego 2017: Best of the Exclusive Variants So Far

We’re getting closer to SDCC, so let’s take a look at some of the announced variants. You can find a full list at the SDCC Exclusives page, but I thought I would spotlight some of the ones that have been already announced that look especially interesting. I decided to group them by publishers, even though they might be available at retailers … Let’s get started!!!

DC will, of course, have their usual foil variants, but this time some of them will feature photo covers of the movie versions of the characters. That Wonder Woman looks like a possible hit, so it stands to reason that the Justice League cover might follow suit. For all the suckers (like myself) who thought that getting 8 1:100 Frank Miller variants and two covers of #9 was it to complete the Miller set, think again! DC will publish another variant for #9 with new Frank Miller art, and it would be a pity to miss it, wouldn’t it? Thanks, DC!!!

The next one’s interesting … Aspen is publishing 3 sets of 3 covers with Michael Turner art. Each set will be for a different issue (Spider-Men II #1, Supergirl #1 and Superman/Batman #8). I honestly have no idea what version of Supergirl #1 it will be (pre-Flashpoint? Rebirth?), we will see I guess. The interesting bit is that within the Superman/Batman #8 set (and yes, that’s the Turner book originally published back in 2004) there will be a virgin variant that looks like a better version of the German variant everybody is looking for (even though it’s just a piece of interior art from the same comic). Why is it interesting? Well, reason #1, I am wondering how it will affect the value of the German edition. #2, will we see other re-using foreign variants as exclusives? Who wouldn’t want to have a shot at the Dell’Otto Batman and Joker cover, right?

Skybound are giving Redneck the exclusive treatment and Nick Pitarra’s piece is very pretty. Will there be announcements about Redneck at SDCC? Both readers and the publisher seem to be really invested in this title, so it wouldn’t surprise me if something big were coming.

The Swipes

Of course, you know I couldn’t not mention these. Swipes are fun, but I am not sure we need as many as we are getting. In any case, we seem we are definitely moving to the 90s as the source of classic covers to be swiped.

Boom are giving us a remake of Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 cover (complete with 5 different editions: the 4 single covers plus a gatefold cover that puts them altogether and has an outrageous price):

We end this first look at the SDCC exclusives with a tribute to Spawn #1 (it feels like there have been a hundred of them already this year). Coffin Comics give us Lady Death: Revelations #1 … why not???If there are enough new cool variants announced we might do another one of this before SDCC, but let us know if we forgot any big ones!!!

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