San Diego 2017: The Sketchbooks

San Diego is coming and it’s not only about exclusives, there’s also the sketchbooks that you will be able to find at the Artist Alley. They seem to be a species near extinction, but it seems that the big guns are still putting out some. The day of stapled DIY sketchbooks might be long gone, but hardcover artbooks might make you feel a bit better …

J. Scott Campbell

More Marvelous Art, as it proudly proclaims, is the third volume of JSC’s Marvel artbooks and will get you a compilation of all his cover work and possibly some sketches.

Humberto Ramos

Ramos will offer 2 new sketchbooks: one full of black and white sketches (Distressed) and another in color (Essentials)


Fourth of the Superbelle series and if you missed any of the previous ones you are in luck as he’s reprinting all three of them.

Alex Ross

Nothing quite says SDCC like a new Alex Ross sketchbook and, as always, you will find it in SC and HC versions.

Bill Sienkiewicz

A new sketchbook focused on the New Mutants. He will also be selling prints and a whole other bunch of stuff.


Simone Bianchi

We haven’t seen much of his art in the past few months, so this is the perfect excuse to take a look at what he’s been doing.

Adam Hughes

Celebrating 30 years in comics … Wow! Remember when you first saw his art? Somehow still getting better. His sketchbooks are always a can’t miss.

Joseph Michael Linsner

New Dawn Sketchbook, this should do well among Linsner fans.

Do you know about any other sketchbooks coming out? Are you putting out one we have not included? Let us know and, if there’s enough material, we might publish another one of these next week!

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