San Diego’s Villainous Lair Comics to Close as “Sales Have Been Down All of 2017”

San Diego may be the home of comic books, courtesy of the San Diego Comic-Con, and home to IDW. But even that’s not enough for some comic book stores to weather the storm.

Villainous Lair Comics, of Normal Heights, San Diego just updated their Facebook page with this post by manager Alison Flynn, saying:

This is a post I’ve been hoping beyond hope never to make.

The Villainous Lair will cease typical operations at the end of this month.

Despite our best efforts, sales have been down all of 2017. We’ve trimmed expenses and boosted promotions to try and keep pace, and summer gave us hope, but this last season was brutal. We didn’t cover costs in either November or December. I don’t know if it’s the new world of Amazon, or consumer confidence/lack of discretionary funds, or something we could have fixed with more time, money, or energy, but I do know that I, now, mathematically, can’t keep it going.

I’ve searched high and low for alternatives, for buyers and for investors. While there was some serious interest, ultimately, none have chosen to take the plunge.

(This has always been a labor of love, rather than profit)

(That said, if anyone IS interested in a turnkey comic and game store for less than the cost of inventory, please don’t hesitate to contact us, the sooner the better)

Starting today, all not-otherwise-discounted, not-consignment product is 15% percent off.

All single issues older than four weeks are $1.

Trade paperbacks are, in addition to other discounts, buy-4-get-the-5th-free.

Store credit and gift certificates may be used from now through Jan 31 for all purchases of any nature, including tournament buy-ins and card singles. I want to close with a zero balance for all customers.

New comics every Wednesday through the 31st. We’ll have limited hours in February, as we’re looking to be mostly down to fixtures by then, so please handle your pulls as soon as possible. If you are deployed or otherwise away this month, please contact us for arrangements.

Tournaments will proceed as scheduled through Jan 28, including the Rivals of Ixalan prerelease and our last FNM on Jan 26.

I’m taking solace in the fact that, for the last six and a half years, I’ve owned a community space that has brought some measure of happiness to some of the awesomest people I’ve ever met. You guys have been the best minions and customers an Evil Overlord could ever have asked for. The creative energy, the nerdy camaraderie, the long nights of geeky discussions, the dreams and the quests and the stories, oh, all of it, the stuff makes us human, it all comes back to the storytelling…

Thank you.

Thank you all.

It’s been an honor.

There are many sad responses from customers, including a few familiar names.

Bleeding Cool covers the closing – and opening – of comic book stores. We’re more likely to discover the former rather than the latter, as the result of an active fanbase, so please let us know when a new store in your neighbourhood is opening as well as closing –

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