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Savage She-Hulk #1 was selling well a couple weekend ago after the news broke out of the D23 event. It’s also been rumored… or maybe it was officially announced, that Leader and Abomination will appear as villains in the streaming series. However, I would argue that they will not be the only villains appearing. Let’s face it, Leader is probably going to be a big bad stretching across the first season and could even go beyond one or even two seasons depending how the show is structured.



Some believe the She-Hulk show will be a green skinned version of Ally McBeal. Based on how little we know right now, that does seem like a safe bet. After all, Jennifer Walters is a lawyer, and it’s not like law shows are not popular… even if most of them are pretty standard fare. Having a green skinned giant in a courtroom could only help breath new life into. That’s only going to work for so long before it wares unbearably thin. Ultimately the show will have to be a mix of both courtroom drama and superhero rock’em sock’em action if it wants to have any legs.

Who knows, depending on how much of the backstory for She-Hulk they use in the show… maybe she’ll still be in college. Perhaps She-Hulk ends up being a lawyer for the villains of the week. Villains of the week has been a part of superhero tv shows for as long as anyone can remember… or maybe minor villains of the week would be a more suitable label for them. Maybe she gets them set free only to have to drag them back to jail each week. Granted that would get monotonous after a season…

Here’s a few characters I could see popping up and even recurring from season to season.



Absorbing Man:

I know what some people are thinking, Agents of Shield already did Absorbing Man. And while that is correct, Agents of shield will be gone in the next year and pretty much eradicated from any connections to the MCU. Let’s face it, they’ve not been part of the MCU for some time now, for better or worst. his first appearance is in Journey into Mystery #114.




First appearing in Secret Wars #3 (1984), she and Absorbing Man go hand in hand. I think pretty much any super strong female villain has a good shot at showing up in a She-Hulk Disney+ series. There’s also the potential for any super strong female character like Titania to even play a friemery type role. Who knows, maybe they go to the same Gym or pilates class.



Lady Hellbender:

Making her first appearance in Totally Awesome Hulk #1 and continuing through issue 5, LHB is an interesting character. She’s a monster hunter who collects rare monsters from all over the galaxy. If you haven’t checked out the latest Venom annual, I strongly recommend it. It gives some vital dimension to LHB and why she really collects these monsters.

I would think She-hulk would fit the bill to add to LHB menagerie if the likes of Hulk or Venom are on here list. I could see LHB showing up as a villainess of the week only to establish her, then have a recurring role in later seasons. Maybe they go to space and have to battle in an arena or something… depending on the budget the show has.



Red She-Hulk:

While probably not a villain of the week, I could see a RSH appearance in the streaming show too. Who knows, maybe as a slow building arc that runs throughout the series until taking front and center in a later season or a final season.

Who knows, maybe the show turns into a Red She-Hulk show down the road if whosoever playing the title role want to leave in season 8 or something. I mean, it’s not like that doesn’t happen from time to time with actors and egos. So it would probably be a wise thing for the producers to consider and have a plan B just Incase. RSH’s first appearance is in Hulk #15 (2008).



Red Sharpie:

A nickname for Red Harpie that seems to have stuck among the writers here at CBSI. While I think this is more of a long shot, in all reality it would probably just be Harpie if anything. Having Betty Ross showing up on the show seems like a no brainer. She first appears in as Red Sharpie in Immortal Hulk #18… or maybe it’s #19.




I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hulk showing up either. If for no other reason to establish the connectivity between the show and the MCU movies… unless they do something stupid like completely ignore the connection to Bruce Banner. His first appearance is Incredible Hulk #1, obviously.




Daredevil who first appeared in Daredevil #1, is probably a good character to work into a She-Hulk series. Disney+ can use DD, they just can’t continue or rebroadcast the Netflix episodes, as I understand it.  While I wouldn’t necessary expect him to appear every week. I could see him popping up from time to time as both Matt Murdock attorney at law as well as Daredevil. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until She-Hulk #9 (2014) that they finally duke it out in the courtroom. 



Depending on how the writers room is playing things, they could be at odds some episodes and allies in others, both inside and outside the courtroom. In fact, if I was a betting man, I’d say pretty much anyone in the Marvel 616 who’s ever practiced law could be a contender for an appearance in the upcoming series.



A She-Hulk series on Disney + won’t be the only place you’ll be seeing her, supposedly A-force is also a project Marvel is planning. So expect to see her pop up in that at some point also. For those who want to speculate, I’d suggest sticking with covers for A-force #1 of the Secret Wars mini with She-Hulk on the cover… since it seems doubtful at this present date that Medusa will be in an A-force movie.

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