Scarlet Witch Joins Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

There are two types of speculators: those who lead and those who follow. By the time news hits, cheap copies of relevant keys are gone and sometimes all that are left are overpriced, often lower grade scraps. It’s the individuals who actually read and research comics who ultimately profit by making insightful, sometimes far-out, connections that puts them far ahead of the market.

SDCC brought some firm details about the second Doctor Strange film, which will be called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s reported  Benedict Cumberbatch (Strange), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Mordo) and Benedict Wong (Wong) will return for the sequel.

On the rumor side, speculators are embracing the potential inclusion of Clea, Doctor (Brother) Voodoo and as an antagonist, Nightmare. Copies of these characters’ first appearances are already pricey and margins for profit have somewhat compressed. Therefore, given the more concrete information, shrewd speculators should consider other possible books, such as Marvel Premiere #5 (1972), which features the first appearance of Shuma-Gorath, who has been confirmed for the film and has traversed the multiverse in the comics. Shuma-Gorath’s first full appearance is Marvel Premiere #10 (1973), which is also vital to the Doctor Strange mythos, since it is where he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme after the death of the Ancient One. There are 57 copies of this book in the CGC census (5 9.8s); highest graded copies of the book sell for $150-300.

One interesting confirmed addition to the cast is Elizabeth Olsen, who will once again be portraying the Scarlet Witch. The first time the characters appear together in the same issue is Strange Tales #128 (1965), but in two different stories. They do not appear in the same story until Avengers #116 (1973); they do not appear in the same location until Defenders #10 (1973), but still do not interact. The earliest recorded communication between the two may not be until Defenders #112 (1982). Their first full-length adventure together occurred in Doctor Strange, Master of Mystic Arts #60 (1983).

For speculation purposes, consider the 1:50 Adam Hughes cover of Doctor Strange #11 (2016), which features both characters on the cover. The book revisits the origin of Doctor Strange, but does not actually include Wanda Maximoff in the issue. There are 46 copies (18 9.8s) in the census. With approximately 53,718 copies sold of the issue according to Comichron, there are 1074 copies of the variant.

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