Ahead of the Absolute Carnage event this summer, the Web of Venom: The Cult of Carnage #1 dropped last week and symbiotes are on people’s radar. One in particular who plays a role is Scorn (Tanis Nieves).

The character made her debut in the first issue of the 2011 mini-series as the psychiatrist assigned to the symbiote Shriek. The mini-series sees the Hall corporation capture and harvest bits of the Carnage symbiote to make and sell as technology. Spider-man and Iron Man guest star. Nieves became infected (impregnated?) with Carnage’s “child,” which she joined with to eventually become Scorn in the last issue of the series).

Carnage #5 had sales of 29,106 copies, with no variants. There are 15 graded copies in the census, nine of which are 9.8s. This book, which features a Clayton Crain cover, is fairly difficult to find with only one graded copy and one in full set of the mini available on eBay. I couldn’t find any copies currently for sale by online retailers. So, it’s safe to call the book a ghost.


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