Secrets about Secret Invasion

We won’t be spoiling Spider-Man Far From Home today but we do suggest you see it.  It is a Marvel treat for sure, filled with well crafted characters and a ton of surprises. There were many speculative rumors prior to this film so,


If you give credence to the Far from Home rumor that the Skrulls have infiltrated the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it’s time to start thinking about investing in Secret Invasion keys. The Brian Michael Bendis story line reveals that the Skrulls replaced superheroes and key characters over a period of years to facilitate an invasion of earth. While there is no clear consensus what books are “the firsts,” there are a few enticing options.

Prior to the launch of the Secret Invasion, the history of the Skrull-earth conflict and how the Illuminati provoked the Skrull empire to launch their plan to invade earth was addressed in New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (Feb. 2007). This book gives us the key to how the Skrulls are able to copy the heroes.

Comichron reports 103,944 copies were sold; the only other edition was a Dynamic Forces Signed Edition, which stands at 180 copies.


In addition there is a mini promo from an unknown DVD which was released at the same time as issue 1, It is quite rare.

The New Avengers 7

First appearance of the Illuminati

As this group is key to the events of Secret Invasion this is a book to look out for.

While any Skrull keys should be considered (Fantastic Four #2, Avengers: Kree-Skrull War, etc.) and New Avengers #31 (June 2007) are touted as the unofficial beginning of the Secret Invasion story line, as it features the revelation that Elektra is a Skrull imposter, one of the first such revelations that would ultimately lead to other Skrull agents being outed.

According to Comicron, reported sales of the book topped 160,811. The book had a regular cover and a sketch variant; both with high representation on the CGC census (180 and 167 copies respectively).

 One of the key antagonists of the event is Veranke, who first appeared in cameo as a cloaked figure in Secret Invasion #1 (June 2008) and later that month is named and receives and origin in New Avengers #40. Secret Invasion #1 was the #1 book in sales that month with 250,213 copies reportedly sold. Secret Invasion had upwards of 13 variants; however, there is a “Glossy Error” edition of the sketch convention cover, which has a thinner cardstock front cover and a black rear cover. The corrected edition was printed with a matte finish that made it easier for artists to draw on and it has a white back cover.The book with the second highest sales in June 2008 is New Avengers #40 with 110, 448 copies. The best bet for this Secret Invasion key is the lower printed second print variant cover by Jim Cheung, of which there are only 6 9.8 copies in the census.

According to Brian Bendis Veranke made her first ( in disguise ) going all the way back to



Mighty Avengers 12

Released at the same time as NA 40 this book is also a Secret Invasion Key and in retrospect is quite important.  Bendis is clearly foreshadowing Jessica’s true nature.

Other books to consider…

Civil War 7 (Sketch Variant 1:75)


Captain Marvel Volume 6 Issue 35

First appearance of Khn’nr Mar-Vell revealed to be a skrull in issue 4

 There are many things about Secret Invasion that surprised every reader.  Captain Marvel’s story proved to be a major event.   Mar-Vell was actually  Klyn’nr, a skrull operative who had Mar-Vell’s memories implanted. An error causes Mar-Vell to remain dominant and when he learned his true nature decided to rebel against his people. This arc ( issues 3-5 ) and the short from

Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel Secret Invasion Infiltration

This one is a rare collected edition.

The mini series itself is a vast receptacle of variants, sketch covers and later printings.  There are sooooo many that I just cannot list them all or recommend which one you should buy.  Instead I will recommend my personal favorite, the Dell’Otto issue 1 Heroclix!

Compiled by Jason Shaw and Topher S. 2019


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