September 16


Another happy Monday morning to ya!


Last week in comics…


Probably the biggest news. Monday hit us with news that Margot Robbie is working on a Tank Girl movie. Woo hoo! The self-titled comic from Dark Horse has always been sought after by the cult Tank Girl movie followers. The large magazine sized Deadline #1 UK issue from 1988 is probably the winner. Both saw increased interest from this news, leading to increased prices. Over the years, there have been a few lower printed one-shots and variants from a slew of mini-series put out by Titan, DC, Image and also IDW. In fact, over 100 Tank Girl comics altogether have been produced!


Here are some interesting books, for your entertainment!



Alter Ego #7, 1964

Why does this book command a premium? I believe it’s the Black Adam book that bridges the gap between his 1940’s appearance and his 1970’s appearance in Shazam #28.


Spook #23, 1953, Star Comics. Cover by L. B. Cole.

Pre Code Horror books, aka PCH books, are super hot. Super low grades on so many hit triple digits in bidding wars. Leonard Brandt Cole is one of the many hot cover artists of Golden Age books.

Sadly, Cole passed in 1995, but his life is inspiring. I recommend reading about him.

His sig can usually be spotted on his covers. It’s the dead giveaway for me, as I’m still learning about books from the 1950’s.



Vampirella #1, 2003, Harris Comics.

Not super rare but not super abundant. The #2 virgin cover is worth consideration as well.



The many Variations of… Batman!


Ok, only a few of them.


First up, Batman #655, 1:10 ratio. Known for the first appearance of Damian Wayne.

Next, Batman #608 2nd Print. Nothing short of a classic cover that’s currently on the upswing.

Batting third, Batman #679. If I recall correctly, this gained heat when the Batman Who Laughs gained popularity. Who doesn’t like an early look at a crazy Joker-faced Batsey?

If this were a true batting order, the lineup would most definitely be switched up. In any case, batting cleanup, Batman #680. Joker front and center. I can picture him using some sort of weapon instead of a bat at the plate. Maybe a bazooka or rocket launcher to shoot over the fences as he rounds the bases while the players on the field and fans in the stands are hysterical from the Joker laughing gas the stadium is filling up with. How’s that for a movie action sequence!



Boomin’ with Boom Studios!


Here’s a bunch of mostly exclusives for the number 1 issues of Bee and Puppycat, Steven Universe and Lumberjanes. These 3 Boom properties are series that I believe have what it takes to stand the test of time. Speaking of Steven Universe, I just have to mention how incredibly rare the 6th issue to the first series remains. I mean, it’s mind boggling!

It’s interesting how the Lumberjanes #1 first printing from back in 2014 is still somewhat scarce. The property was announced as optioned, then last month announced as no longer currently in the works when Disney dropped it after acquiring it from Fox, yet the book is just not around in abundance. Is it the low print run? A case of Hoarders R’ Us? Or, is there a strong belief that Lumberjanes eventually happens?






Kamandi #1, 1972

A world and characters created by who?

Jack Kirby!

Humans have been reduced back to primal savages in a post-apocalyptic future where the world is ruled by highly evolved animals.

Did not know an animated Kamandi series was planned in the 70’s but wound up getting cancelled before anything was made.


Wonder Woman #204 and #206.

Nubia! These are the Mark Jewelers variations.


Insert for #204



Insert for #206



Myers Battle Planet Gorr!




30 Years of Terror #1, 2008, Myers variant.


What’s a Michael Myers story without a gruesome dead body?



Break in the action for…

Tarantula Man!!



Ok, back to Halloween.

Damn you, Michael!



Planet Battle!

Battle of the Planets #1, 1979, Gold Key/Whitman

A movie was announced as in the works this past July from the Russo brothers, moving this from the dollar bin to potential key. Heat died down since the announcement, as usual with announcements, but this is still flippable.


Proper introductions…



Jean Grey cameo, in full phoenix form! Oh, wait, that’s not Jean Grey? Ha!




God of Thunder #1, 1:50, 2012, Cover by Daniel Acuna





Gorr the God Butcher!



That’s all for this week, comicans. Until next week!


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