September 2


Happy Labor Day!


Starting the day off with Batman #50 Variants!

It’s amazing what happens to prices when a wedding gets called off last minute. Last minute as in, family and friends seated and priest standing in front looking nervous! Still, some of these covers are stunning! The Ivy’s are by Aspen and limited to 1,000. The Catwoman’s are done by artist Josh Middleton. Surprisingly, we’re still looking at $30-$50+ for these.



Clear out the wrinkles from the… Static!



Static #45, 1997

Love this book! Mainly b/c it’s a FIIS from the 90’s.



DC Direct Currents #58, 1993

Sneak preview of Bane in this one.

Isn’t his son coming soon?



From Newsstand variations to foreign editions, on to later printings and Sketch covers, even regular editions that were simply printed on the lower side, everything Spawn is still selling incredibly well. Is it due to the current Road to 300 storyline? Or the hype from these limited Con Exclusive issues for #299 these past few months? Or the, dare I say it, new movie rumors? I’ll take, ‘All of the above’, for $500, Alex (Please, please daily double!)



So, so many characters in Spawn’s world, She-Spawn aka NYX being one of them. While many cite Spawn #122 produced in 2003 as her first appearance, she first appeared in Curse of Spawn #20 back in 1998…



Turtle Reprints!

These display oh so nicely! Should have seriously purchased more sets! One thing I was worried about were these potentially being passed off as fakes. Not sure if there are parts of the cover that would give it away as a replica, but the inside cover does mention IDW.



Here’s how they came packed inside the slipcase.



Variation Time!



Halloween Nightdance #4, 2008 Devil’s Due, Masters of Horror Var


Wow, Myers straight up turned this poor soul into a human candle. In the next act, she wakes up underground, buried alive!



Weatherman #1, 2018 Image Comics, 1:25 RI, Matteo Scalera Cover

Always had a tough time finding one of these. Not a lot of sales of late, but looks to be fetching anywhere from $35-$50. Less than 700 out there.

Let’s have a Joker-like ‘looksee’ inside!


Nice and far into the future. And on another planet! But, still cars? Those trucks look like gas guzzlers!



Awesome little city setting. It’s like a sports event. Hopefully they didn’t forget to wear eye protection. Unless our eyes have undergone some serious enhancements in the year 2770!



Annnd, we get a cliffhanger. Murder! Of a lot of people!



Wheel of Time #0, 2009, Previews Exclusive Var

High hopes for this one. Amazon production for the win!


Invincible #75, 2010 from 2003 Image Comics Series.

This is a 1:50, putting the print run at not quite 400 copies.


This book is nuts! An oversized issue with quality paper and art. See for yourself!


There’s our crew!



Forget taking names. We’re taking arms…



And heads!



Planets exploding!



Wiping out lots of people.



Yeah, pretty epic if you ask me!



Double Vision!

The Boys #3, 2006

Finally branching out from the #1 issue. Looong overdue! First appearance of The Seven and Homelander.


Hellboy in Mexico #1, 2010, Dark Horse Var

Not an easy find. No recent sales to judge its value today. One bright note on Hellboy is that earlier in the year, Netflix was talking about a live action show with a new cast.


The Goon #32, 2009, 10th Anniversary Special. Limited to 1,000 copies.

Love, love, love all things Goon! No recent sales so it’s tough to gauge value. There is a 9.8 listed with an asking price of $300. Still no updates on the Goon movie Disney announced earlier this year.



Everlasting? Endless? Timeless?


The Eternals, to be exact! Their momentum continues. Just imagine if the film is so successful that the franchise launches into multiple movies and merchandise. We wouldn’t just be looking at household names for these little-known by most characters, we’d have… eternal cosplay! Very difficult not to get excited. Remember GOTG post first movie announcement vs. who they are today. Nothing is ever set in stone but the good vibes keep coming. Most recently in the form of Jon Snow!



Have a great rest of your Labor Day vaca!


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