September 23

Happy Monday morning!

Are you ready for some Footb.. I mean, pickups? Ok then. Let’s talk comics!


Back Issue Bruce and those Damned Brains!



Tales of Voodoo #1, 1969

I’ll have a burger and an extra side of… brains!

Inside, we find… The Immortal Hu… well, just The Immortal. ; )



Batman Damned #1, 2018.

Still going strong.


Back Issue Magazine #17, 2004. Cover by Bruce Timm!

Lots of his work inside too. Let’s take a look at some…



Sonja of Mystique!



Ms. Marvel 1618, 1977-1978

Hard to imagine Mystique not being part of Disney’s plans.

Interesting to see the differences between 9.6 vs 9.8 across many books. Ms Marvel #16, for example, is just under $400 for a 9.8 while a 9.6 is just under $100. How many 9.6’s are bought and reslabbed at 9.8? I wonder what kind of living one can make playing that game of gambles!


Conan #24, 1973

Red Sonja movie reboots have been rumored for a while now. I’m a believer! Plus, while the movie was shelved earlier this year, a few months ago it was announced that the creator of Amazon’s series Transparent, Jill Soloway, is now the film’s director and writer.


Was surprised to open the book and find her like this on page 1…



Conan, you dirty dog!



Topher Spec!



Had to pick up some Infamous Iron Man 1’s. First Tony Stark AI? RiRi’s got him as a sidekick in her upcoming show? Liking that possibility. They’re getting closer to $10 books. The 1:25 is still $40-50.

Check out Doom finding AI-Tony. Tony-AI? In any event, Tony Stark Tech identity theft is going down! …



2nd Prints and variants



Once & Future #1 2nd Print, 2019

The negative to buying online rears its ugly head again. By the time hot books arrive, they’re not so hot anymore. Still selling at about the $20-range, which isn’t terrible.


Walking Dead #34, 2006 2nd Print.

I believe the only way to distinguish 2nd prints on the outside of the book is the back cover. Lucky number 341“2” in the UPC…



Included a picture of the entire back cover because, well, it just looks cool!

You’ve also got the inside cover that states “Second Printing”…



A-Force #1, 2015, 1:25 Stephanie Hans Variant.

Is there an official A-Force movie announcement? Or a show? There’s been so many rumors about one I honestly can’t remember offhand. But A-Force #1’s have been selling.


Huck #1, 2015-B Variant Cvr.

Netflix specin’!


Hulk #1, 2008 Atomic Variant

Red Hulk! I can see Red Hulk play out in live action and eventually Red She-Hulk.


Game of Sub-Vengers!



When the bombshell was dropped by Disney at D23 a few weeks back about Jon Snow playing Black Knight, Avengers 47 and 48 again went wild. In fact, they performed better than earlier in the year when these books jumped from rumors that Black Knight would appear in Endgame.


Sub-mariner #50, 1972.

Been watching this book for a couple months now. Either some people on the inside know what’s up, or many people are mad specing on this one. But why? Let’s try and find out, by looking inside!


We are introduced to Prince Byyrah.



And re-introduced to Namora.



We also see Lyyra, Empress of Lemura.



And we meet Namor’s cousin, fittingly named Namorita!



Running out of time here, unfortunately. But, there will be another week. Hopefully lots of them! As long as Galactus is not anywhere near us, assuming he’s real  : )


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