News broke yesterday that Venom’s ex-wife Ann Weying will be appearing in Sony’s Venom film. For fans that don’t know Anne became She-Venom in the Pages of Venom: Sinner takes all #2. That’s right I said 2 not 3. Issue 3 is the book collector’s have taken liking to for some time and with good reason, it’s quite a cover.

Spec pages are already onto this casting but are reporting issue three as her first as She-Venom. The cover effect is in full force on this one. She appeared in full in issue 2:

It’s also important to note that she made her first appearance in issue 375 of ASM. This book has a massive print run and can be found in high grade quite easily. Look for the newsstand or DF signed exclusives on this and if you are buying 9.8’s I wouldn’t break the bank.

Remember there is NO guarantee she will be bonding with the symbiote. In fact it’s highly unlikely that will happen.

Credit goes to Shaun Leggitt, Skot Whitman and Jonathan M on this one!
Good luck hunting!

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