We have all been victim to, or heard of bad shipping that results in either a Christmas Miracle, or destroyed comic; and it’s often the latter. Considering how much everything in comics has changed since my last shipping article in 2015, and even Brian Wood’s 2016 How To Properly Pack A Comic For Shipping, I’ve been wanting to write an update for quite a while. Below is just that, and a whole lot more.

There are many different methods for sending books. So if you get nothing else from this article, let it be that you should always ship something the way you would want to receive it. Bottom line, this will dramatically lower your chances of unsatisfied customers, damaged goods, and increase repeat business.

Below is a method Ben S. author of CBSI’s Top 10, who can also be heard on the Tales From The FlipSide Podcast, showed me. This is a low cost, yet secure way to ship raw comics using mostly the free supplies from the USPS. I always salvage shipping supplies from my own purchases, and even ask the LCS for old Diamond boxes they’re just going to throw away.

What you will need:

Amazon Basics Envelopes 

Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope

Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope 

Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – 2

Light/Medium tape and box cutter of your choice 

A scale if you don’t have one: Choice #1 and Choice #2. I prefer #2 because it can be used for shipping larger packages up to 75LB.

For affixing your label I would recommend a Tape Gun and packaging tape. Unfortunately Amazon suppliers can change, which means product quality can change from order to order, so always shop around. If you need bubble wrap for the method you use, this is good stuff here.

Avery stickers are what I have been using (Bulk Avery here), but these large and small stickers save you printing.


Some mail carriers treat these requests as challenges to cram packages into mail boxes etc.

Unfortunately there’s only so much you can do.

CBSI’s Recommended Supplies list, as well as these websites (in no particular order).

Other useful items for comic sorting is a Label Maker and BCW Dividers.


Now lets talk about shipping slabs

Again, everyone has their own methods, and the golden rule applies.


First put your slab inside two USPS Bubble Mailers. I always double box with a USPS Priority 1097 inside a USPS 1092 box. Other people use the USPS 1092 inside a USPS 1095 box which is a bit bigger. If you want to go wild, each of those boxes will fit inside a Regional Rate Box B2 box as well.

brown kraft paper, or even Christmas paper to ship Media Mail. Again though, golden rule.


Buying postage, and shipping in bulk


To save yourself the hassle of going into the post office either print your labels from eBay, Paypal, or website of your choice, then schedule a pickup or just drop it off at your local post office.  They should have a designated drop off area which will always put a smile on your face when the line is long.

Once you’ve logged into PayPal go to and your screen will look like this.

   International Shipping     Further details in a future article.


First log in like above, choose the country of your choice, and input the information.


USPS Customs Envelope for any country other than Canada


Bulk Shipping

So someone wants to buy your Wolverine Vol 2 #0-192……for bulk shipping anywhere I recommend Lowes heavy duty boxes

Small       $1.59

Medium    $2.45

Large       $3.39

Line these boxes with extra cardboard and use the method of your choice following the above processes.


Shout out Ben S, Ben C, Shaun, Jimmy, and Brian W for helping with this article! Next time I’ll try to ask twice as many people twice as many questions!

Let me know what I Paul’d Up in the comments below!

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