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There is for sure a big difference in time, it took me 25 days to draw the pencil version of it and 20 to ink and paint it! Beside that, when all of us draw an interior page we have to make sure that a series of images together will tell a story in a clear and coherent way; in a cover instead the atmosphere of a whole issue must be communicated and perceived through a single image, almost instantly.

– Simone Bianchi

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. Welcome to the One Year Later from March 8th, 2017. Let’s take a look at a few covers from the week that was, and in addition spotlight Simone Bianchi’s gorgeous work. Simone is an Italian artist who at 15 years of age published his own humor comic strips in the local newspaper, them he went on to produce cartoons and vignettes within several regional and national publications. In 1999, he had his first Marvel work published – Fantastici Quattro (Fantastic Four) for Wiz magazine, and a one shot Conan II Barbaro (Conan the Barbarian), both published by Marvel Italia. Fast forward to 2005 and he had his first American work published – Seven Soldiers: Shinning Knight from Grant Morrison’s script. He credits Michael Bair (Comic artist) as one of the biggest factors to his success. That’s a small snapshot of Simone, with a lot on his creative process to come later within this article.

Ok, on to the books of the week, there were some standouts as always that would make great editions to your PC or pocketbook if you so desire…


Grass Kings
Total Print run 15.5K
Hmmm. That Variant looks familiar?!


Deathstroke #14 cover A Bill Sienkiewicz
Total print run 25.4K / Roughly 13K per Cover

Red Hood and the Outlaws # 8 Cover A Kenneth Rocafort
Total print run 27.8K / Roughly 13K per Cover

Suicide Squad #13 Cover B Lee Bermejo
Total print run 45K / Roughly 22K per Cover

Wonder Woman 18 Cover B Jenny Frison
Total print run 47.4K / Roughly 23K per Cover


Popeye Classics #56 1:10 Variant Steve Purcell
Total print run N/A *Ask Shaun Leggitt


All New Wolverine #18 Cover C Mattina
Total Print run 46.7K (3 Covers) / Roughly 15.5K per Cover

Man-Thing # 1 1:25 Variant Francavilla
Total print run 43k / Roughly 1720 of this Cover


Silver Surfer # 9 1:25 Variant Bianchi
Total print run 16K / Roughly 640 of this Cover

Let’s take a closer look at Simone Bianchi and his creative process.

So why not hear from the man himself and a description.  “My aim was that once the image is seen as a whole, the eye’s main attention gets attracted it by the central part of it, the real focus of it. I must say, though, that it is something I have discovered while working at it. It was not consciously intentional from the very beginning. When I have realized it, I have insisted on it even more.

Beginning Sketch Finished piece

Bianchi’s artwork is a visual frenzy, with every figure rendered super tightly, washed in ink and decorated with idiosyncratic design elements that maximize the dramatic effect of each page of Bianchi comics. His work is often beautiful, in that very special way that ultra-violent superhero comics can be beautiful. But some readers have suggested that while Bianchi’s draftsmanship is superlative, his stylistic choices can sacrifice storytelling clarity.” – Andy Khouri

Beginning Sketch Finished piece

A few more to finish up…

Well that’s all for this week, I hope you took something away. Thank you to all those who continue to take time to read this thread. We are very lucky to have these present day talents line our books each week. Let’s hope the generation after us continues to carry the torch forward, and that others also give back to this amazing world we call Comics!

Talk soon,


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