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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! All glory to The Tin Hat! Will he tell you which Naomi cover to buy? Why, yes, and the answer is all of them! Will he tell you which Donny book to avoid? Why, yes as well, and the answer is none of them! The Summer of Tin Hat is here, and we have a Previews so thick, it’ll make Arby’s jealous. While Marvel pumps up their variant game, and DC pumps up their writing game, this July is sure to break some heads and eat some dough. What surprises will McFarlane have for us, as he earnestly waits along the sidelines? Who will Marvel Carnage-ized next? And what type of anatomy will Jenny Frison draw? Let’s dive in, Tin Hatters! But first, a quick travel through time:


Naomi #1 – While not a quick flip book out of the gate, this is another Bendis created character. The art is gorgeous and it has a lot of potential. I thought she would’ve made a cameo appearance elsewhere, but it looks like this is her first first full full appearance appearance. That doesn’t happen too often nowadays.

FINAL TIN HAT RATING – 3 out of 5 Tom Cruises. Bendis books burn slow but heat high. Wait for the DC cartoon announcement.


If these words sound familiar, it is because they were written by yours truly way back in January 2019! Back then, the Big Chungus made way for the returning Uganda Knuckles, and the Tin Foil was finding its footing. While the original Google Plus post is now dead (and yours truly didn’t save it because digital footprints), The Tin Foil knew this book would be huge. He pre-ordered 5 copies of cover A and 5 copies of cover B way back in November 2018 at King’s Cache (the only shop in Austin, TX that actually put their Naomi #1 3rd prints on the shelf). Did the Tin Hat know it would hit $100 raw 3 months later? Hell no! I thought it’d be a strong $20 book for a while. So I hope you were able to read the original Previews post, or you were able to read the self-review post, and found some first prints at your LCS. What am I trying to say here? Will the Tin Foil Spec make you mad money? Yes! Will he charge you a monthly subscription? Yes! (The monthly subscription is saying a Hail-Tom Cruise at least once a day.) We are all learning together, Tin Hatters. Now let’s buy up all the #1s we see! (The Tin Foil Spec is not responsible if you do buy all the #1s.)




While the comic industry isn’t making as mad money as it would like, we get to see 2 stark contrasts this July. Marvel will attempt to fix this by increasing their variant output by a bajillion percent! Will it work? Probably not. Let’s see what they have in store.

Marvels Epilogue #1

Marvel starts their Previews with a sequel no one asked for that has a gazillion variants. When Marvel announced this at the C2E2 retailer’s breakfast, it was met with flourishing sounds of “Eh?”. Amazing art? Check. Fantastic writer? Check. But did Marvel need to bring back the original Marvels team for another issue? Well, we’ll find out, I suppose. The Tin Hat might check it out, but I wouldn’t say to go heavy on this book.

House of X #1 and Powers of X #1

Jonathan Hickman brings his writing talents onto an X-Men book. With the House of Mouse buying all of Fox’s properties (except the news and sports), it is time to revitalize the X-Men. Can Hickman bring them back to the forefront? These series could have some surprises and twists. The Tin Hat suggests reading it at least (but watch out for the shabadobillion variants).

Valkyrie #1

Jane Foster is back! Coming off of his massive Thor and War of the Realms runs, Jason Aaron is ready to have Jane Foster return as a superhero. Could be a great hold.

Punisher Kill Krew #1

After being taken over by the Ghost Rider Spirit, has Frank Castle been taken over by the spirit of Lemmy Kilmister? The ever-rising Nic Klein provides an awesome variant.

Invisible Woman #1

Adam Hughes providing the regular cover while Hans provides the variant.

Aero #1 and Sword Master #1

The Marvel heroes from the Far East prepare to make their North American debut (well, post-War of the Realms debut). Aero and Lin Lie seem poise to set the Marvel world alight. Will these two heroes have the same staying power as Naomi?  Tough to say because Marvel likes the shotgun approach of finding out what sticks. We get Artgerm and Andolfo variant for Aero #1, so those may be the ones that will end up as winners.

Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1

Weapon X. Weapon H. And now, Weapon Cap? Are we about to get a Captain America/Wolverine hybrid? Pick one up just in case.

Secret Warps Annuals

It seems like Marvel has caught on to speculators and is going to give them a run for their money this summer. It seems like all 5 of these books will have first appearances of even more mash up characters. Will any of them be worthy? Probably not. Still, yours truly will check out that Arachknight Annual #1.

Savage Avengers #3

Will Conan wield his own symbiote sword? Also, that Bianchi variant is amazing.

Marvel Summer Special #1

Marvel 90s beach bods are back! The only thing missing is a Joe Jusko cover (hint hint). Adam Hughes provides the regular cover, so it’s bound to at least be a PC book.

Spider-Man: Life Story #5

This series will go down as a bonafide Spider-Man story.

Amazing Spider-Man #25

Oh my god! An $8 book! Granted, it’s $2 cheaper than the last #25, but still. Prepare for a wave of store variants. Female Electro is back. Will people seek out her first appearance? Does anyone remember her? At $8 a pop for the regular cover, there’s not much flipping potential here.

Venom #16

Donny Cates is back. Will Dylan Brock get a symbiote?

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8

When the sequel to Into the Spider-Verse happens, I believe these O’Keefe variants will blow up.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10

Will Ghost Spider finally be a thing? The first time Gwen had a symbiote variant cover, it became a hot $20 book. Will the Gwenage variant have the same effect?

Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War #5

This will probably not blow up, but I’m loving that Super Mario Bros. 2 variant cover. Did you know Super Mario Bros. 2 has won Game of the Year 30 years in a row? And no, I am not a Puerto Rican grandma.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Will Donny actually do it? Will he kill Rocket? He did kill Lockjaw before bringing him back in the end. Should we @ PETA?

Silver Surfer: Black #2

This could have surprises. Will the Ebony Surfer rise?

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5

New boyfriend and new costume? This could be a good one to hold.




Daaaaaaamn. What a giant small-solicit book. The DC Previews book looks like an appetizer compared to the Marvel one. However, this provides the perfect contrast between the two companies. Marvel is increasing their distribution output, trying to strike lightning a few times; meanwhile, DC is thinning out their output, trying to focus on specific events (and hopefully eventually finish Doomsday Clock). Will Marvel’s smorgasbord prove too delicious, or will it come down to the age-old adage of quality over quantity?

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1

BAM!  That’s how you kick off your Previews. Open the page, and Sean Murphy leaps out at you. While Jorge Jimenez is the man among men, Sean Murphy is the Men among Man. His highly anticipated sequel begins, ready to shake the comic book world with the return of the Murphyverse. Get this in your pull yesterday!

Batman: Universe #1

The DC Wal-Mart books make their way into comic shops. This particular issue reprints the first appearance of Jinny Hex. If you couldn’t find the DC 100-Page Giant, this “reprint” should be on your radar.

Lois Lane #1

Jenny Frison variant. ‘Nuff said.

Batman #74


Detective Comics #1008

Nora is out of her cryo-stasis. Is this for the best?

Justice League #28

Who is the Apex Predator? Is it Randy Orton? Or is it another evil Batman?

Wow,  that’s a lot of books, and that’s not even highlighting the cardstock villains cover. Don’t collect them all though, just grab your favorite ones (Artgerm and Frison, hint hint). DC’s Summer of Villains starts soon! Now let’s jump into the meaty Previews book.




Unearth #1

Master of comic book horror Cullen Bunn starts a new story about a flesh-warping disease in a remote Mexican village. Wait a minute, is this Annihilation?

Little Bird #5

The epic conclusion arrives. O Canada!

Spawn #299

Will issue #300 have a plethora of store variants? Will McFarlane make another homage to his Amazing Spider-Man #300 cover? Plus. who is The Rapture?

Unnatural #11

I’ve already speculated that DC reads my Tin Foil Specs, but is Image jumping on the bandwagon, too? Future mega-star Gabriel Picolo is doing a variant cover for this issue. His first official published work?


Dark Horse


Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #1

Another series that may not necessarily heat up but is bound to be an amazing read. Jeff Lemire bringing both worlds together. Also, that Yuko Shimizu variant is lit!

No One Left to Fight #1

Now this one looks to be like a good read. What were to happen if Goku, Saitama, Kenshiro, and the like were to run out of opponents. Is retirement such an option for warriors? This series hopes to answer that question.




Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #41

Necessary Evil continues here. Just what will the White Ranger bring to the table?

Faithless #4

Paul Pope. That’s right. Also, Frison is doing the erotic variant. Pick up a few of those.


Absolute Comics Group/Red Giant Entertainment


White Widow #4

Is White Widow still flippable? If it is, those lenticular variants could be good flips.


Action Lab-Danger Zone


Spencer and Locke 2 #4

A thrilling conclusion for fans of the series.


Ahoy Comics


Second Coming #1

The book that was supposedly so offensive that Warner Bros. told DC to axe it. Thankfully, DC were kind enough to allow the creators to fully retain the rights to it, so they could publish it with another company. That company is Ahoy Comics, and if this book had some buzz when it was Vertigo, it is now pretty much guaranteed to sell out.


Antarctic Press


Punchline #9

Artist and fellow Austinite Matthew Weldon celebrates growing older. Help celebrate it with him buy pre-ordering a Happy Birthday variant.




Strangelands #1

The H1 Universe continues with Strangelands, a book about two partners that hate each other but have destructive powers when separated (wait, is this the reverse Hancock?).


Keenspot Entertainment


X-Liefelds #1

Does Rob Liefeld have Rob Potchak blocked on Twitter? He might soon once people begin pre-ordering all 6 variants of X-Liefelds #1. The parody that’s so extreme, it awesome, this is sure to be a quick flip book.




Blade Runner 2019 #1

Here. We. Go. We got a tease with last month’s Previews, but now we’re finally getting this hotly anticipated book. A new Blade Runner makes her debut as she seeks to solve the case of a billionaire’s missing child. That Artgerm cover is amazing. A is for Artgerm!




Resonant #1 and Sera & The Royal Stars #1

Two new series from Vault. For all you Vault fans and homage cover fans, do not sleep on the Resonant #1 homage variant.

Cult Classic Return to Whisper #1

This 2nd print pays homage to pre-code horror. Grab 5.


And we are done, Tin Hatters! July is looking mighty mighty. There are a ton of great potential books in the indie section. This month could belong to the indies. What do ya’ll think? Anything interesting I might’ve missed? Will Naomi continue to burn bright into the summer? Fortune favors the Tin Hats. Look up into the skies! Say your Tom Cruise prayers (or is it Todd Krews?), and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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