Solar Flare “Name the Villain” Contest Follow-Up

You might remember we ran a “Name the Villain” contest sponsored by Solar Flare‘s James Haick a while ago. The contest was won by Demon Jim who proposed Quintin “Cutter” Maxwell as the name. Well, the comic is coming out in 2 weeks, so James decided to give us a preview of the first couple of pages as they will appear in the comic!

If you are not reading Solar Flare, you should give it a go. First and foremost because it’s a great book with brains and heart. Second, because you just know that at some point this will get optioned. Last but not least, James is an awesome guy and he deserves all the support he gets. There are also talks about some new Solar Flare related contests coming up soon so stay tuned.

I will leave you with the first couple of pages featuring (the not named) Cutter, enjoy!!!

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