Soulfire, Bedlam, DC Metal, The Voice of Rao and More!

Thank god for Legion and The Terror because there just isn’t much in the way of solid TV right now!   Next week I will be taking a break from relevant comic speculation and offering a video game special instead and after that Valiant Horton and I have a special treat for CBSI readers so check back!   In the meantime here’s a few to get you all in the mood to dig. Enjoy!


The Aspen Sketchbook

First appearance of Soulfire/Dragonfly

Rumors of movies from Aspen have been circulating this past week. G+ member Ryan Tirrell was the first to mention it.  These comics are a rabbit hole littered with variants, exclusives, limited editions and oh so much foil.  I have taken it upon myself to do the leg work on this even though Soulfire isn’t my favorite book it could actually make for a decent film. Here are the ones worth hunting…

The Aspen Sketchbook is the first appearance of Dragonfly characters.

Wizardworld Texas Variant limited to 750



Regular cover



Aspen website exclusive limited to 1500



Wizardworld Texas Exclusive limited to 1500



Notable issues:

Wizard the Comics Magazine 139

There are three covers for this but Dragonfly appears on this one.  This magazine is important as it predates all other appearances outside of the Aspen Sketchbook.



  Aspen 1-3

Issue 1, 1:25, Wizard World East 2003 Exclusive


This series predates Soulfire and is a must for Fathom fans.  This series included previews, new art and posters for Aspen’s Fathom, Soulfire an others.



Michael Turner’s Apen Extended Edition ( 2004 ) 1, second printing,  Wizard World LA

This one has some previously unpublished Fathom comic pages and more Soulfire.




Soulfire 0  ( first Soulfire name and logo )

Dynamic Forces Exclusive

Wizard World East Exclusive



Soulfire 1 Diamond Retailer Exclusive



Yank June 17, 1942

First appearance of G.I. Joe ( not the one you love )

So I have been seeing some debate as to which book is the first G.I. Joe.  While Showcase 53 and Marvel’s G.I. Joe 1 are both important the name was coined by David Breger, an American cartoonist and first used in a comic strip in this issue of Yank in 1942.  It’s not  the first of the version that matters ( Hasbro )  but it is the first appearance of the name as applied to soldiers fighting and that is significant as far as I am concerned.




I am really into hard to find foreign books and though this is a reprint of Bedlam’s first it’s quite rare.  Personally I think spending any real money on Bedlam might be a mistake.  He’s does not appear to be much more than a supporting character.   I love Terry Crews but I also thought Korg was the best part of Ragnarok.  Bedlam may have a better shot if he makes it out of Deadpool 2 alive.




Uncanny X-Men 117

First appearance of the Shadow King

Legion is back and just as good!  A great TV comic villain is hard to find but this show keeps nailing it.  It’s unlike any comic show on TV and worth viewing multiple times.



A word on Metal’s finale…

Fans seem to be divided on Snyder’s game changing series.  Poor conclusions often leave a sour taste in readers mouths but in this case I don’t think a modest resolution will hurt certain issues.  The bottom line is that series has forever changed DC.  It has given us many new characters, altered the origin of the DCU as a whole by explaining the entire universe in a plausible, easy to understand way and of course given us the BWL.  Oh and then there’s the return of the Hall of Justice! ( see my article last week )

One overlooked event within the final issue was the emergence of Miller’s Dark Knight who gave permission for his use!  He along with  some other Batmen arrived in just in time.  Here is the team…

DC Spotlight

First appearance Frank Miller’s Dark Knight
 Red Son 1
First appearance of Red Son Batman
Batman/Dracula Red Rain
Vampire Batman-first appearance
Gotham by Gaslight
First appearance of  Gaslight Batman
Action comics Annual 12
First appearance of The Voice of Rao
Anyone watching Krypton?  Probably not, it’s on Syfy!  Well there’s at least one intriguing character, The Voice of Rao!  He actually has a history in comics as do some others I’ll dive into next time.
and first appearance of Rao the Kryptonian God just for fun…
 and finally with so much continued hype over Stan Lee comic appearances no one should forget Jack Kirby right, especially considering the direction DC films are headed.  He made his comic debut as a character here.




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