Special Saturday Edition!

Welcome back y’all,  I’m gonna hit ya with a bunch of craziness today.


Star Wars Tales 24, 24 Photcover

First appearance of Darth Traya & Darth Nihilus

Along with Darth Bane and Darth Revan, who’s first I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Adding Traya makes some sense when trying to speculate on what part of the Star Wars canon or legends the GOT creators might tap for their show.

I would add Legacy too but I hope they focus on the Sith over anything else.




Disney Adventures Summer 2002

First Kim Possible


Disney is putting together a live action Kim Possible movie.    Her first is in the often tough to find series.


Kim Possible Vol. 1

First Kim Possible cover




Circe is rumored to be the Wonder Woman 2 villain.  Here are the books to hunt for…


Wonder Woman 37

First appearance of Circe


Showcase 21

Circe redesign and first cover


Action Comic 243 

First appearance of Circe in Superman



Wonder Woman 305 ( Canadian price variant preferred )

First appearance of Circe ( Wonder Woman )

 NOTE:  The newsstand has a different price box


Wonder Woman 17

First post-crisis Circe



Men of War 2

First Circe post Flashpoint




Action Man Annual 1979

First appearance of Action Man


The world has totally gone bonkers.  UK’s version of G.I. Joe,  Action Man is being developed by the Muppet people?!   Action Man’s first is not gonna be an easy one to locate though.


Other notable issues:


Action Man 1 Tower Records with gift

        This one is a ghost and arguably just as good a candidate for first comic appearance



Unit E NYCC Hasbro Exclusive ( Limited to 1000 )


Now that we know the connected Hasbro cinematic universe is is in danger of falling apart this one losses some of it’s luster.  If they ever get it back on track this is the book to buy.  Unfortunately it too is a bit of a ghost as well.

IDW released a series with w covers, 1, 1 Sub, 1 1:10 and a Toy cover





The Harley Quinn cartoon is shaping up to be a unique animated experience.  We are gonna get the typical appearances by characters like the Joker, Poison Ivy etc but there are a few obscure characters who are going to be featured:

 Hawk and Dove 21

First appearance of Malice Vundabar


Harley Quinn 2

First appearance of Syborg


There are multiple printings for this book.


 Wonder Woman 5
First appearance of Dr Psycho





Superboy 18

 First appearance of the post Flashpoint Dr. Psycho





Moon Girl 1

First published pro work by Rahzzah Murdock

On occasion I like to spotlight an artist I really dig that people might be fully aware of. This dude has some pretty amazing covers.  Anyone catch that She-Hulk 162?






New Superman 20

First appearance of new chest emblem

Yea this series kinda blows but it looks like DC is trying to fix it and the new design is a good start.  Add to that the upcoming first appearance of the Aquaman of North Korea and I’m in, at least for a little while.





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