Spectual Heeling: Collecting Barbie Covers

Look we all know scantily clad Archie chick covers are seeing incredible growth.  A lot of this has to do with more that a well drawn bikini or overtly sexual reference.  TV shows are driving the Archie boom.  Yea I know, if you are a woman reading this you may be shaking your head.  But if you ARE reading this then you should already know what you are getting yourself into and let’s face it, you probably collect similar books!

Mattel has announced an ambitious plan for a movie universe of their own and that includes Barbie.  Barbie did have a few series published by Marvel but nowhere near the catalog that Archie has. Surprisingly some of these are already tough to find.   Today I have assembled the only ones I believe are worth checking out. Some are simply striking, dynamic covers and others…well you know!  Don’t be surprised if they are hard to find in high grade, especially the newsstands!


NOTE:  Many of these books were available in packs similar to the DCU packs I have discussed in the past.  There are more rare than the individual comics.


Barbie 12






Barbie 63

First appearance of Barbie as a superhero, last issue ( rare )



Barbie Fashion 6






Barbie Fashion 26





Barbie Fashion 53

Last issue

The two series last issues are not particularly great covers but are hard to find due to low print runs.



Jewel Secrets Barbie Mini Comic ( 1986 Mattel )

Many of the toys came with mini books or comics.  The best of which is this mini, inclued with the Jewel Secret Skipper figure.



There other Barbie books to look out for like her first comic appearance and the Halloween promotional giveaways but Barbie clearly has a limited number of great covers.  Who knows if a movie staring Margo Robbie will do for Barbie what she did for Harley but you can expect some renewed interest, just from a different crowd than the folks likely to scoop these covers!







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