Spider-Gwen, GI Joe, Darth Vader

A bunch of books today and didn’t even grab my subscription from the local shop. Today was the release of Spider-Gwen and Darth Vader #2. I am a HUGE Dave Dorman fan. His work on Star Wars comics from Dark Horse is amazing. His Indiana Jones covers were equally awesome. Dave Dorman is tremendously talented, and he nails Star Wars with each piece of work.

But first…

Late yesterday, a box showed up at the house with not 1, not 2 but 5 – FIVE – copies of Amazing Spider-Man #14. Yep, this simply yet completely engaging cover was found on eBay for cheap so I bought all five copies the guy had for sale.


This morning, I knew the Spider-Gwen variants would sell out. I knew I wanted a couple. My new job frowns on absenteeism for comic books, so I had to ask that special wife of mine to make a geek trip on my behalf. I have repeatedly written about my wife making these pilgrimages before.  She is truly too good to me.


She did good, huh?

Darth Vader #2 Dave Dorman variant

Darth Vader #2 Salvador Larroca variant

Spider-Gwen #1 Skottie Young variant

Spider-Gwen #1 Kris Anka variant

Fantastic Four #643 Connecting Cover variant

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Simone Bianchi variant

Secret Origins #10 (retconning of Bat-Girl’s origin and sold out)

GI Joe Snake Eyes Agent of Cobra #2 subscription variant

On top of all of that….

A package came today from an eBay purchase.  About two weeks ago, I told you about a GI Joe comic which was very difficult to find.  Would you believe another copy popped up after I posted that?  Yep.  I bought that one too.  While looking to maximize the shipping fee, I discovered this seller had other tough to find GI Joe comics.  I managed to get all but one of the ones I was hunting.  These are tough to find, and I was happy to add them to the longbox of joy.  Oh, and I got the first appearance of Bill Foster as Black Goliath.



GI Joe America’s Elite #1 (Collector’s Club variant)

GI Joe America’s Elite #1 (Buy Me Toys variant)

GI Joe Declassified (Collector’s Club variant)

Dreadnoks Declassified Devil’s Due Web Store Exclusive

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #33 (Michael Turner sketch cover)

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #31 (Collector’s Club variant)

Luke Cage, Power Man #24 (first appearance of Black Goliath)