Spider-Man 2, Trigon, Star Trek 4 & More!

     I’ve decided to stay out of the Valiant arguments this week and simply focus on a bunch of book I like.  Personally I don’t see the point in collecting any Valiant books post relaunch.  That’s not to say they aren’t writing good comics I just don’t read them and their  variant game just doesn’t do it for me.  Beyond that it’s a pretty light week. Enjoy!


New 52: Futures End 2

So there’s no first appearance here but Watchmen collectors might want to find this one.  This series was a let down despite a great premise.  I’m not sure how it made it 48 issues but that’s not really the point.  The reason you want this one, look close for some familiar graffiti and what appears to be the corner of a wanted poster for Rorschach!


Earth 2 Worlds End 1,1b

First appearance of John Grayson II

I’m now collecting obscure offspring of characters I like.  Nightwing’s Earth-2 son has a limited amount of appearances and his first is affordable.




There was a rumor that the director of Spider-Man Homecoming wants to include Blade in the sequel as well as Morbius.  However unlikely, if that happens ( and I hope it does! )  here are some key books…


Blade 1 ( 2003 ) MARKO DJURDJEVIC cover

Though it isn’t the first cover featuring Blade and Spidey it sure is the best!


Marvel Team Up 7

Here’s another appearance by the two in the same comic…


Peter Parker Spider-Man 8

And finally, Blade, Spidey and Morbius all in the same comic!


It’s possible I missed a few, know of any please comment below!



Gen 13 #1 ( Do it Yourself Cover ) 1995

First appearance of a blank cover ( concept mean for someone to draw on it )

I like to collect first of all sorts of things not just character appearances.  Blanks may littler the market but some are desirable.  The concept was not popular when this came out and took a long time to catch on.  I grab dirt cheap blanks whenever I see them because I draw a lot.   If I find this one though I think I will keep it clean unless I can get JSC to draw a close up of Fairchild’s foot.

NOTE:  Technically the first blank was Wasteland 6 but it was not meant to be drawn on.


Superman 36 1:50 Francis Manapul

OK this isn’t a first or anything but every once and a while I have to mention a cover I just can’t live without.  I don’t hunt variants often but this one is a different story!

I actually liked all the parts of the Justice League movie that were done by Snyder.  Unfortunately the movie was not a complete vision by one director and the Whedon influence really hurt the film.  There was a special moment comic fans are sure to notice, Superman and Flash racing for the first time.  This cover may not be the first time the two took each other on but it’s one of the best.


Star Trek Movie Adaptation Photo Cover

First appearance of George Kirk

Hemsworth recently stated that he has no idea what the plan is for Star Trek 4.  JJ Abrams was rumored to have quite a story in mind for the fourth film including a return for Kirk’s dear old dad!  But all those Tarantino rumors and the poor performance of Star Trek Beyond have muddied the waters.  My take-Abrams and QT are gonna work together on this thing.  They are both fans of reality bending, Star Trek narratives so Kirk may still be in the mix.  I just have a feeling that they use this actor.  Why wouldn’t you?  He’s a box office draw.

This rare photo cover variant is George Kirk’s first appearance and first cover.



Tales of the Teen Titans Annual 3

Second appearance of Nightwing

Even though I write a weekly article that focuses on first appearances I have to say that I like seconds too!  This one is an overlooked key.  It wraps up the Judas Contract and predates issue 45.  With a TT show coming it’s time to buy up cheap keys and other important books before they get too pricey.

NOTE:  This does not include all the weird NIghtwing appearances that are not comic books but do predate 44 from Comic Reader, Comic Collector, DC Sampler etc.



New Teen Titans 4, 4 newsstand, 4 UK Price Variant

First appearance of Trigon

There were some reports this week that the Teen Titans show will feature Trigon.  He first appeared in issue 4 as a baby, a teen and in full as an adult.  I am excited for this show, I hope DC can keep up with all the great Marvel TV and give the Titans the show they deserve.

NOTE:  Issue 2  has a cameo featuring Trigon’s eyes.


La Medone De Pellini ( either version )

First Riccardo Federici pro work

La Medone De Pellini is the first pro work and cover for Riccardo Federici. Best to get in on a good artist while you can. This guy has done very few comic works since his debut but for all you collectors who sucked the market dry of that Birdman cover, then ya might want this one.


The Jetsons

First appearance: A little Golden Book 1962

First comic appearance: The Jetsons 1 ( Gold Key )

First Rosie:  The Jetsons 3 ( Gold Key )

We are getting a live Jetsons show!  If you collect the Jetsons here are the key firsts!



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