Stan Lee, Black Hammer, Allura, Sabrina, Shang-Chi and More!

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Now sit back, grab a cold Moxie or maybe a glass of that GOT Johnny Walker everyone has been raving about and take a look at some comics both speculator and collector can enjoy!




Justice League of America 51

First  appearance of Allura

If you are investing in the whole Zatanna thing I suggest Justice League of America 51. It may not be the first cover but in my opinion it is the better of the first three. Atom 19 only features her head and Green Lantern 42 has her in an obscured, underwhelming position. The cover to 51 shows her going to toe to toe with Batman! The book is a very important part of Zatanna’s development. If a movie is to be made they are going to need a villain. Here we have the first appearance of Allura, foe of Zatanna’a father. Upon defeat she was imprisoned in the Sword of Paracelsus. As a result she placed the curse upon Zatanna and her father which I suspect is going to be a major part of the movie’s plot. JLA 15 is also the first appearance of the sword.



Batman 599 ( Mexican ) Reprints Flash 198

First foreign Zatanna comic

This may only be a reprint of a Flash book but it’s rare and Zatanna’s first foreign language comic.

Secret Origins 27

Any cheap book that adds to an origin for an upcoming film is something to think about.  The father and daughter aspect is going to be a huge part of the plot so this cover is pretty sweet.

Mystic Comics 10

First appearance of Stan Lee in Comics

Gotta give credit to Mel Vaughan, that Terry Toons 12 find was just amazing.  In this book Stan did make an earlier appearance but both he and Timely are parodied.  If I were hunting for one it would be Terry Toons 12 but this one is awesome for soooooo many reasons.



Archie’s Madhouse 21 ( preferable 15 Cent Variant )

This one is a real stretch but it’s possible there is a Sabrina prototype in this issue. Considering the page from issue 22 where we learn that one of Sabrina’s enemies hex’s people into doing the twist who knows?  It could be her.  The dance from issue 21 does feature the same characters.  If you look close there is a white haired girl,  wearing red who appears to be shocking another dancer with her magical, twisting flight. Then there is the fact that the dance is happening at a debutante’s ball.

This image is from Madhouse 22



Hack Slash my first Maniac 1 ( 2nd print )

That Hack Slash option has gone under the radar this week and that makes no sense.  The first appearance always sells well and that is saying something for a modern, indie book with no buzz.   The book is a real pain to find, trust me.  This one is also not easy to find and is some of her earliest work.    She did have a Hack Slash cover which predates this  but man is it ugly.



Weapon Hex 1

First appearance of Speed Weasel

Mashups are still a thing and even though Marvel continues to do what it does best and beat the tar out of whatever sells.  This one caught my eye though.  Everyone loves the next clawed creation ( see Honey Badger! ) and this guy looks so bad I can’t help but love it.  There is a design variant for this book and it is so ugly I just can’t even be bothered to picture it.



Smallville 1

First appearance of Tom Welling’s Superman

There are some rumors that he might appear on the CW’s Elseworld’s crossover.  This is his first comic appearance.




Game Informer 252 a,b

Arkham Knight’s first is torching collector’s pockets and if you didn’t blow a huge wad of rewards points over at Gamestop you never even caught a sniff of the rarest version of his first.  Me, I also collect the first printed images of comic characters and it appears that Game Informer had an exclusive way back in early 2015.  This may be the first time anyone saw the Arkham Knight!

NOTE:  When your Game Informer subscription was running out they would send you a stickered issue to remind you.  Because they were done by the manufacturer I see no reason not to think that having a stickered version of an issue makes it more rare.  I might just be crazy but in this case I prefer it.




Eternals 1 ( Copiel cover )

First appearance of redesigned Druig

Now I know this book is already on our radars but it looks like the film version of Druig will be based on Gaiman’s version from this mini.



Contemporary Bio-Graphics 4

 First appearance of Pee Wee Herman
He may have been spoofed in MAD earlier but this is his first comic and cover. So why is he here? It looks like Paul Reubens in about to reprise his role as Pee Wee on LOT!




Black Hammer 8 ( B Cover )

First appearance of Sherlock Frankenstein

This series is shaping up to be a sprawling live action epic.  Like most other comics turned into films and shows you have to have a villain.  I suspect Sherlock will instantly become a favorite of many when he makes his way to either screen.



Bombshells 14

First time Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Kiss

Robbie’s comments about a possible relationship on film between Ivy and Harley might eventually spark interest in their first kiss.  If so here are the ones you need.

other notable issues:  Harley Quinn Annual 1 ( Harley kisses Ivy but they don’t kiss kiss, Harley Quinn 25 is the first in continuity kiss, Harley Quinn and Power Girl 5 shows a flash-forward where they are just about to kiss and then there is Injustice 35 ( Harley and Ivy wed and reveal origin of their romance )





The Insidious Dr. FuManchu

First appearance of Fu Manchu

Even though this is a book not a comic it is his first and in my opinion any Shang-Chi movie isn’t even be possible without his villainous dad!  Fu made a few comic appearances before Marvel took the character over.

First editions of this are very, very rare and valuable.



Detective Comic 18

First appearance of Fu Manchu in a comic book




Wow Magazine 1 ( 1936 )

First comic appearance of Fu Manchu

Not only is this his first comic appearance but it is also the first published work of Will Eisner!



If we are going to speculate on who might be the villain or villains in the Shang-Chi movie here are some possibilites;



Master of Kung Fu 26

First appearance of Fah Lo Suee, Daughter of Darkness/Cursed Lotus


It’s a good bet that any villains in the film will be related to Shang-Chi.  Of all his siblings she is the most likely to appear.

NOTE:  Shang-Chi’s brother Midnight Sun is also a candidate and appeared once in Special Marvel Edition 16




Master of Kung Fu 29

First appearance of Razor Fist

William Scott is an assassin with huge razors attached to his arms.  Uh yes please.

NOTE: There are others who held this identity after the first Razor was eliminated.


Master of Kung Fu 42

First appearance of Shockwave



Master of Kung Fu 61

First appearance of Skull Crusher




Master of Kung Fu 77

First appearance of Zaran




Detective Comics 17

First appearance of Sir Denis Nayland Smith


I highly doubt a movie gets made without this character.



Secret Avengers 8

First time Fu Manchu is named ( Zheng Zu )

Because Marvel lost the ability to use the Fu Manchu name from the Rohmer estate they took a more creative approach.  instead of shelving the character  Fu was later referred to as Ghost, Father and a few other names until his real identity was revealed here.  If they end up using his real name look out, this book will jump.





Master of Kung Fu 1

First appearance of Moving Shadow

Shang-Chi’s half brother could be a formidable foe on the big screen and unlike many of his enemies he first appeared in a more recent book.


and a few others I recommend…


Comic Reader 212

First published image of Beta Ray Bill

Some other people have mentioned this elsewhere but now there is another reason to buy, a sick Mignola Shang-Chi cover!


Avengers 28 UK

First UK appearance of Shang-Chi

This one is quite rare and reprints his first. It may be the earliest reprinting of Special Marvel Edition 15.


Marvel Secret Wars 7 ( Hasbro Insert 2009 )

When Marvel announced a female focused sequel to the upcoming Spider-verse film collectors started to speculate.  As a result Secret Wars 7 started to move.  That book has a huge print run people.  Besides I think I would rather go hunting for this and crack em until I get a 9.8.  Anyone who knows about toy comics can tell you, the odds are low.

NOTE:  there is a Canadian price variant for this, newsstand ( not rare ) and a Mark Jeweler.




Digital Webbing Presents 2

First pro work and first Skottie Young Cover

Well it’s time to give Mr. Young his due.  I think he appeals to a different crowd than I am acustom to discussing comics with but he continues to put our content people want.  This is his first pro work and cover.

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