Starman IV, Legacy, The Stand, Roller-Derby Harley and More!

I see you have returned to True Firsts and lucky for you I am in a great mood this week.  You know why?  Well the greatest athlete in the history of Sport just cemented that praise by defying the naysayers and winning it all once again.  Now i know this is a comic book website but because Mr. Brady has graced title town with yet another I have decided to stuff this weeks article with an array of goodies.


Who’s Who Update 2 ( June 21, 1988 )

First appearance of Starman IV

There are some rumors that the forgotten Starman, Will Payton might just play a key role unveiling the secrets of Rebirth.  The reasoning behind it is pretty interesting as recent events in Justice League possibly pin the start of the New 52 timeline to his debut in 1988.  Starman first appeared in issue 1 of his own series and later that same month in a feature in Action comics.  He did make his first comic appearance and first cover here.

The Punisher 6
First appearance of Sister Mercy
Not only is this series flying under the radar but now there are two reasons to find thins book, the first appearance of Frank’s new hand carved chest skull and the first appearance of the brutal Sister Mercy!
As promised here are a few more CLive Barker Publications that could hold some significance if the Books of Blood series gets made.
There’s some Mignola in this one!
This one is just a very rare Barker publication
Superman Weg Ins Dunkel 7 & Superman Zinco 26
A few weeks ago I forgot to include the infamous Big Barda Action comics issue where she and Superman make an adult video.  Well informed readers suggested I include it.  Instead I offer these two reprints which are much harder to find.
There are other foreign reprints but I like these.  Zinco 26 reprints the original cover and Dunkel was the first to reprint issues 592 and 593 together.

First comic appearance of the Stand

Stephen King’s post apocalyptic novel is getting a major network adaptation.  Signed fist editions of the novel are where its at but there were some comic from Marvel.  The property made it’s comic debut here.

The Stand Captain Trips 1 ( Sketch Variant Only )

The likely winner, if any, would easily be the variant for issue one of the mini-series.

NOTE:  I kind of dig the sketch variant for issue 5 too!

First Foreign Batman Beyond

Now I know that animated movie rumor has been debunked but Batman Beyond has held its value before the erroneous announcement.  Even so, here are few I have mentioned before and a few worth considering now.   And remember, the animated film may have been shot down but did anyone nix a live action film?

Batman 700 ( Mignola Black and white Variant )

First appearance of Terry in DCU continuity.

Not only is this the first Terry in the DCU as a baby but the end of this issue appears to show him in the future DCU, not his Earth designation. There is also a post apocalyptic Batman who may be the same one set to appear in another series. Snyder’s upcoming comic is about a Batman in a post apocalyptic Gotham and he is on record as saying that the best advice he ever got about writing Batman was from Grant Morrison. There is a more rare black and white Mignola cover but I like the color one.

There is also this page to consider.  Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy are doing a post apocalyptic Batman story and here is an appearance but such a character.  That may mean nothing but Scott is on record as having said that Grant Morrison is an inspiration and gave him the best advice about writing Batman.  Guess who wrote Batman 700.

Adventures with the DC Superheroes

This comic mag is a treasure trove of DC awesomeness.  It features a rare Harley Appearance along with an original Batman Beyond comic.  It is the first one published outside of the regular Batman Beyond  series. This magazine was only available if you purchased enough milk.

Batman Beyond also appears in Countdown 21 as observed by DCU heroes traveling the multiverse. This comic also has an origin for Granny Goodness who may end up the antagonist in the New Gods film. This comic and Superman/Batman 22,23 predate Batman 700 and the Batman/Superman Annual 4 but he does enter the DCU proper in either.

Weirdo 1

First published work in a comic for Sukalski

Anyone catch that documentary last month on Stanislav Sukalski? Well it turns out early publications are rare and very valuable.  Stanislav does have some comic connections.  His work first appeared in Weirdo 1.  

His work was also published here in this magnificent publication which features the original art of Glenn Bray.  It is extremely rare and should only appreciate over time.

Marvel 2 in One Thing and the Human Torch 

I believe this is the only Dell’Otto Black Knight cover variant and considering how well some of the Black Knight variants have done it might be one to buy cheap now and hold.

Captain Marvel 4

First Legacy as Captain Marvel

It seems that Silver Surfer Annual 6 remains hot with rumors of an appearance in Captain Marvel.  Speculators might want to snag this one.  It is the firs time he is identified as Captain Marvel

Avengers Forever 1 

First appearance of Captain Marvel ( Genis-Vell ) and first cover ( head shot ) for cosmic costume.

Westfield Variant limited to 5000

Avengers Forever 2

First full cover for Captain Marvel

Wizard Magazine 99

This publication contains had the supplement issue 0 for Captain Marvel

CoroCoro February 2019 Bonus Book

First Fortnite Comic

This years issue of the kid’s manga anthology series Coro Coro has the first Fortnite comic!  Fortnite is a gaming phenomenon. This one is pretty darn tough to find too.

Harley Quinn 1 ( 2014, Sketch cover and AH! Variant )

First appearance of Roller Derby Harley

The Birds of Prey film will be featuring a Roller Derby scene and according to this Harley Quinn will be in it.  Roller Derby Harley does have a comic first.

There are other variants as well but I would stick to these two.

Of course the Adam Hughes cover is the one you want but the book has been a top variant for some time.

The Sketch cover has her in her derby costume.

Harley  doesn’t actually participate until issue 8.  The Panosian variant is the book to track down.

Here’s another one worth a gamble

The Batman Gallery

First comic book appearance of The Animated Batman

Because the DC streaming service will be showing the entire series in HD I find it entirely appropriate to mention the first time he appeared in a comic.  Like Harley Quinn’s entry in the DCU proper the appearance occurs via pinup.  Collecting the Animated Batman is more a collector’s adventure and there wil be more treats to come concerning arguable the best Batman ever put to screen.

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