With Kate Bishop’s All New (again) Hawkeye series getting ready to drop…. What? You didn’t know there was a new Hawkeye series? Well, you’re not alone, I had no idea either until I stumbled across it by complete accident.

December 14th’s is when it’s due, so it’s easy to see how it’s been overlooked with so many other higher profile books. Since the 14th is next week, figured I give people a heads up on some books pertaining to Kate.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Kate’s first appearance is in Young Avengers #1 (2005). If you’ve been reading my articles regularly you know by now that a first appearance out of costume is usually not the book I’m looking for. Typically I’m after that first in costume. So Kate proved to be a bit of a challenge… Meaning I had to read way more issues of Young Avengers than I intended. She has a few key issues. There’s her first appearance. Then first in Costume and another as first as Hawkeye and they all couldn’t have all just happened in the same issue. Oh no, that would have been too easy.

Young Avengers #4 (2005). First Kate Bishop in an “improvised” costume. She basically loots an Avengers museum. She nabs Mockingbirds mask and Hawkeye’s bow and some other stuff. It’s kinda cool actually. I like the idea of seeing a hero evolve when it comes to their appearance. Catwoman making her catsuit is the one major element of Batman Returns I really like. Heroes can’t just go to the costume store and get cool gear… well Gwen Pool did, but that’s not the norm even in comics. So this is the evolution of the character visually. Improvised or not, this would be Kate’s first in costume appearance.

Here’s some other appearance for Kate I think are worth mentioning.

Young Avengers #6 (2005). First Kate Bishop in a “real” superhero costume. It’s at the end in a splash page of the group. She also appears on the cover in her improvised costume. It’s a mostly white cover so it’s going to be a rough time getting in higher grades. I think I’ve made it clear YA#4 is the costume appearance I’m supporting.

Young Avengers #10 (2005) Cover appearance she’s front and center… it’s a damn fine cover. So it makes sense that’s it’s getting some love.

Young Avengers #12 (2005) This is probably the second or third most important key Kate Bishop appearance, depending on how you look at things. She stands up to Captain America who ends up giving her the codename “Hawkeye” and a gift that validates it. So pretty major issue for Kate. This is the first time Kate Bishop is ever referred to as Hawkeye. Here you can see for yourself in the image below.

There you go, that’s it, that’s where she becomes Hawkeye for the first time. Up until this point she’s just been Kate Bishop… or Hawkingbird in issue #4.

Young Avengers Presents #6 Hawkeye (2008). This book seems to be the one people are pushing online for Kate’s first appearance as Hawkeye. Sadly, it’s laughably not even close. It’s about 2 years too late no matter how you slice it

This book is however a prime example of sellers who don’t actually read comics just make outlandish claims to sell a book. Which is what’s happening with YAP#6.

It is a Kate Bishop centric issue and does have a pretty cool connecting cover. She does meet and interact with the original Hawkeye for the first time, which is a plus. That’s really about all it’s got going for it… Unless Kate going on dates is something you’re really into. I don’t feel that it’s more key then YA#1, or YA#4 or YA#12. If anything, it’s a distant 4th maybe even 5th place.

So after that what’s next?

Good question. Answer is, I don’t really know for sure, there’s stuff out there, but how key is it? You’re the market, you tell us. Here’s a couple things that seemed irresponsible not to mention. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t.

Young Avengers #5 (2005)First cover appearance of Kate Bishop. Just her head not in costume… I don’t know if that’s reason enough to buy it.

Dark Reign Young Avengers (2009) #2. It’s got a cool Mark Brooks cover and she appears in it, mostly in the background. Not hard to track down, I see plenty of these online and in the wild.

Avengers The Children’s Crusade (2010) #1.  There’s a couple of variant covers for this issue that feature Kate. At least 2 have partial sketch variations. One is north of $100 featuring Kate front and center. The others sketch variants are of the cover A and far more common.  

Avengers The Children’s Crusade (2012) #8. It’s got a cool cover with Kate on it. Haven’t read it.

Hawkeye (2012) #1-7 She’s pretty much Clint’s side kick. If you’re down with that then check them out. I haven’t read them at time of writing this. I have heard good things from people whose opinions I trust, so at some point I will. There’s multiple printings for those that need a cover variation.

Hawkeye (2015) #1-5. She’s in these. I don’t know, the covers and variants are all kinda bland. This is from the premature reboot’lation that Marvel pulled before Secret Wars 2015. So do they even really matter? The Manga cover for issue #5 is pretty cool in my opinion, it’s also getting harder to find.… But that doesn’t mean there’s not a few hiding in a bargain bin near you.

Hawkeye (2015-2016) #1-6 She’s in this series also. The issue #5 cover B Woman of Power variant is the only one I’d think anyone would be interested in. There’s a ton of these on eBay and elsewhere, so maybe not.

Civil War II Choosing Sides (2016) #3. Kate Bishop deals with the fall out of Hawkeye killing Hulk in a solo story…. By beating up some bad guys in the park then meeting up with some other people for coffee or something, hero’s maybe. They’re in street clothes…. I don’t know, I just kinda flipped through it. There’s a cover A and B variant. Not sure if it’s a ratio or anything. Based on the current market pricing, probably not.

So there you go, plenty of Kate Bishop Hawkeye goodness out there. Some of which could come into play depending on how her new series does. Obviously, some won’t. I doubt we’ll see any real climb in price from the new series. I wouldn’t expect anything major to happen with any of these books… Well not until Kate’s ready for her big screen Marvel appearance, but you never know.

Till Next Week!


This Comic Disambiguation Flashback was originally posted on Dec 7, 2016 by Skot Whitman. You can see the original post and comments and add to the discussion here.



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