Summertime Blues


Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Foil is back from C2E2. That’s right! The Tin Foil was floating around artist alley last week, meeting the great Artgerm and Derrick Chew. I also ran into Dan Didio and performed inception on him to get Chew working on more covers! Let’s see if it works. Summer 2019 is upon us, and the polar vortex is far behind. Let’s see what summertime fun awaits us (probably courtesy of Artgerm).

(As always, shout out to King’s Cache for access to the Previews. If you got the Cash, you can access their Cache.)




2 out of 3 major heroes have hit their 1k milestone already. At the same time, DC is also building towards the future in the forms of Naomi and the rebooted Young Justice. What does the big D and C have for us in the summer?

Superman Year One #1 – It seems like DC’s Black Label isn’t dead yet. Frank Miller’s Superman Year One is finally coming to comic book shelves. Will the team of Miller and JRJR be enough to have people clamoring to get one? Also, the Tin Foil enjoys Straczynski’s Superman Earth One. Let’s see how this new origin holds up.

Batman #73 – Batman defeated by Bane again? Thomas Wayne decides to take his son to the desert to make him give up the cowl once and for all. Is he also an ordained minister?

Batman Who Laughs #3 – That Jenny Frison cover

Catwoman #12 – Get that Artgerm variant for the PC

DCeased #2 – There goes the Tin Hat’s hopes of having Putri doing homage horror movie variant covers. Either way, it seems like Mattina will do character profiles of all the heroes.

Detective Comics #1005 – The Arkham Knight makes his influence known! Is it another Joker? Sejic provides an awesome variant.

Detective Comics #1006 – Dan Quintana provides an amazing variant as well. Also, credit to DC for jumping from one solicit to the next as if nothing major happened.

Naomi #6 – Here it is, Naomi believers! The finale in the first chapter of Naomi. By this point, shops will have probably caught on and ordered enough to meet demand. Issue 3 will probably be the issue with the lowest print run. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to build a few sets of these first 6 issues. Naomi is the future.

Wonder Woman #72 #73 – Jenny Frison does it again. Providing fantastic variant covers. Make sure to get a few of these. She had the screen print of #72 with her at C2E2. It was a sight to behold. This could be long term holds, Tin Hatters.

Young Justice #6 – I’m glad Villalobos is still drawing for DC. His variant covers have been amazing. Here’s hoping DC puts him on interiors again soon.



While it looks like DC is hitting the books hard, Marvel is going to enjoy their summer of dominance. From Endgame to Far From Home, Marvel has their sights set on the next phase. Will there be any hints in their summer comics? Let’s dive in!

War of the Realms #6 – Jason Aaron’s final story concludes here! Who would’ve thought that a run that started more than 5 years ago would’ve shaken the Marvel Universe to its core (and influenced aspiring comic store owner Donny Cates at the time)? Plus, will Knull make a surprise return?

Thor #14 – Thor vs Venom? Whaaaaaaa! Also, Yasmin Putri on variant cover duty.

Venom #15 – Whooooooah, now that’s an amazing Venom cover (no disrespect to Stegman). Cullen Bunn’s final Venom book (for the moment) before Donny returns, it looks to have rippling effects. Also, that Simone Bianchi cover is too sweet.

Black Cat #1 – Here it is, Tin Hatters. The big one. The next potential big one. While we’re figuring out what’s going on with Marvel and their 1:25 second print variants, this book looks to destroy the summer wallets. The Artgerm variant is gorgeous, and the 1:200 virgin variant is simply breathtaking on the Tin Foil’s wallet. Yes, you read that right. A 1:200 virgin variant. For a $5 book. Starring a character that has a lot of appeal but hasn’t historically moved books. Will there be store variants? Definitely. However, most store variants have a print run of 3k, and the shops that don’t do store variants probably don’t want 200 regular copies of Black Cat #1 sitting on their shelves. Even, if for some godforsaken reason, this book has a 100k print run, that means the virgin will have a print run of 500 at the max. What do you think, Tin Hatters? Is this the next Adam Hughes Legion of Superheroes variant? Do people care about the Black Cat that much? Will there be a first appearance? Will the true winner be the short Marvel Meow story by Nao Fuji? For those of you who like to gamble big, this is the book for you.

Silver Surfer: Black #1 – Donny Cates continues his cosmic run with Silver Surfer: Black. This book tells the story of what has happened to the Silver Surfer after he was thrown into a black hole. Will he become the Obsidian Surfer? Tradd Moore will bring us amazing interiors, and with a summer that includes the spiritual successor to Maximum Carnage, Donny seems poise to pull out all the big guns that he has.

Immortal Hulk #19 – The bandwagon is definitely on the Immortal Hulk train. Is that Abomination on the cover? While  the print run might jump from here on out, keep in mind that the previous issues have been around 40k. Also, it looks like we have two percentage variants but no ratio variant. Don’t have to worry about chasing a ratio variant it seems (unless Marvel surprises us all again).

Savage Avengers #2 – Logan donating blood? What is that about? Is Conan officially an Avenger now? Does he get a badge and pension? And where’s Venom?

Marvel Tales: Spider-Man #1 – Jen Bartel producing amazing covers as always. Hmm, are you ready for extra tin foil? This particular book which comes out around the same time that Far From Home hits theaters has 3 very interesting stories: one about Mysterio, one about Spider-Woman, and the third one about Black Cat. Are these all characters that will appear in Far From Home????

Spider-Man Annual #1Featuring Spider-Ham! – Spider-Ham is back, and he’s ready to save the day! That animation variant might be a fun one to chase.

Amazing Spider-Man #24 – It looks like we may finally find out what’s going on with that bandaged figure. Will he finally make a move on Spider-Man? Also, for Tin Foil purposes, is that Webbing Suit variant the Sam Raimi suit?

Spider-Man: Life Story #4 – Will Canada’s national treasure be able to put the Clone Saga to good use? Also, that Andrews variant will probably be a 1:25. If you can find these next few ones for cheap, it wouldn’t be a bad investment.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 – The amazing Patrick O’Keefe provides the cover to this book. Let’s hope Marvel realizes what they have and continue to give him more cover work.

Shuri #9 – Shuri is back in the Black Panther suit. Minimalists suits are in. Will this cause a bump to the first time she wore the suit?

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #4 – A handsome alien prince? Is this a first cover appearance? What is his name? Do Kamala’s parents approve?

X-Men Grand Design – X-Tinction #2 – Ed Piskor’s masterpiece retelling of the X-Men’s history is at an end. Let’s see how his final tale ends.

Now let’s dive in to the thicc Previews. Real quick, I want to mention how Titan is giving us a preview of a preview with that Blade Runner Artgerm cover. Grrr. July is still too far away.



Thumbs #1 – Mark Zuckerberg raising an army of tech-obsessed teens? Wait, didn’t we see this on an episode of Doctor Who? Either way, this could be a fun read. Maybe even fun enough to make people delete their Facebook app.

The Ride: Burning Desire #1 – Adam Hughes released the cover to this book last week, and everyone thought it was a Rags cover. However, we also get some Adam Hughes interiors. 5 issue mini-series, pick it up if your a Hughes fan.

Spawn #298 – Only 2 more issues until #300!! How many store variants will there be? The last McFarlane self-homage variants have greatly appreciated in value. Will the same hold true for these next few self-homage variants? What will the cover to #300 be since he already used it on #227? It is all about McFarlane for now.

The Wicked and the Divine #45 – Olivia Jaimes brings her talents to variant covers. If you aren’t familiar with Olivia, check out her work on the comic strip Nancy. Her work has been so well received, she is being credited as reviving that comic strip. Will these accolades lead market success (similar to the Rose variant)? Grab one just in case.

Little Bird #4 – Do not sleep on this series.



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 – For those of us that collected the prelude books to the Shattered Grid storyline, they became quick $20 flips and holds. Could this next big event, Necessary Evil, prove to be the same? This book is being touted as the first appearance of the White Ranger, the fannest of all the fan favorites. Also, foil covers! Have this book on your radars, Hatters.

Faithless #3 – Paul Pope drawing The Devil


Action Lab-Danger Zone

Spencer and Locke 2 #3 – Greatest stuffed animal detective


Ahoy! Comics

The Goon #4The Goon is always good. Get that Skottie cover.


Antarctic Press

Punchline #8 – Back in February, Rags was supposed to have the first crossover variant between Rags, Punchline, and Black Hops. However, due to the writer being called to active  duty among other things, that issue has been delayed. However, it looks like we will finally have our first cross over after all in this upcoming variant cover. Make sure your LCS orders a few.

Leave on the Light #1 – This book had a pretty successful Kickstarter and was picked up by Antarctic Press shortly after. Will this be another quick flip indie variant? Wouldn’t hurt to pick up that foil cover.


Devil’s Due Publishing

Boogily Heads #1 – Another interesting book from Devil’s Due. The owner of this company might owe Jock money, but this book by Gus Fink looks to be fun. There’s also a ratio variant.



This one be interesting, Hatters. Mark Waid and John Cassaday are launching a new company, new universe, and new first appearances. An ambitious project that will launch a brand new super hero universe. In this age of streaming services, could this be the first step in the next Age of comics? Dare I say, the Digital Age (has that been used already? What about the Tin Foil Age?) It’s uncertain to say if there will be store variants for these books, if they’ll be overprinted, if there’ll be 2nd print ratios, etc. Wait a minute, is this what it was like in the dawn of comics?

Ignited #1 – This is the book that will kick off the brand new, H1 Universe. Two covers so far. The Tin Hat will give this a shot and see if this is the kick-in-the-crotch superhero comics need.


Scout Comics

Gutt Ghost: Till We Meet Again #1 – Who is Gutt Ghost? Is he an every day ghost man, clocking into the world like the rest of us? Whatever, whoever he is, The Tin Hat will be sure to meet with him.



Test #1 – Yet another interesting #1 from Vault. This one looks to include biopunk within. You know that I love me some biopunk!

That’s it, Tin Hatters! Another Previews book down. The summer of fun will begin. How bad will your wallet bleed? Is anyone else ordering 200 copies of Black Cat #1? Anyone? I know someone who will. Stay safe, Tin Hatters! Look up into the stars, burn your copies of Second Coming to win some original art, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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