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There’s been some whispers online about a Supergirl Movie. Supposedly it’ll start production in 2020 for a 2021 release date. Reports are that it will be Kara Danvers version of the character, which I’m not completely convinced is accurate. Since that’s the version they have on the CW show… and it would be confusing to casual viewers. Well at least that seems to be WB/DC’s stance. After all, every character on the CW gets taken off the board when a movie is being developed, remember the Suicide Squad on Arrow?



So let’s explore what they possibly could do… Because blind speculation is all the rage these days.

It’s no secret that WB/DC is trying to move in the direction of stand alone films rather than the shared movie universe Marvel model. However that doesn’t mean they should completely abandon the ground work they’ve established in prior films. As producers on the CW show quickly discovered, it’s hard to do Supergirl without Superman. With Superman looking to have a recast in the very near future, seems like it would not be feasible to just have Armie Hammer come in for a bit part or cameo… wait, didn’t he quit playing Superman and that’s why they need a recast. Regardless, what does WB/DC do?



Take a proven Supergirl origin and just bastardize it like they always do. But which story?

Perhaps Batman/Superman 2003 #8 13 Kara crashes to earth in a spaceship. But what if instead of crashing into the Gotham river and being discovered by Batman, she crashes somewhere else… let’s say Themyscira. As we all know from the Batman/Superman arc, Kara is taken to the Isle of Amazons to learn how to use her powers here on earth. So why not just skip a step and have her crash land there. Pretty much removing Batman from the equation with no interference to that rebooting property.



Since the Amazons would be a major part of the story now, most of it could just happen there. Then bring Wonder Woman back to Themyscira and sort out her banishment issues. And providing a connection to a not yet recast Superman. Based on the success of Wonder Woman, why not.

But wait. Darkseid is a pretty big part of that story and he hasn’t been introduced yet?

So why couldn’t he be introduced in a Supergirl movie? In the current movie universe the Amazons already have knowledge of Steppenwolf, Parademons and mother boxes… so would Darkseid really be too much of a stretch. I mean shit, in comics he’s first introduced in a panel inside of another panel in a Jimmy Olsen book. So who cares how he’s brought into the DC movie universe. I would think at this point it’s more important to just get him introduced.



By using Darkseid as the villain it creates the opportunity for exploration of a darker side to Kara’s personality. Laying groundwork for a Dark Supergirl story down the road.  It would also allow for connections and bridges to the New Gods movie in development.. among others projects. They wouldn’t need to even use a lot of Darkseid, they could have him on a video screen directing the Female Furies. After all, they’ve been teasing Darkseid like Marvel teased Thanos. If they don’t want to be like Marvel, just bring him in and don’t make him a one n out villain. That alone would put some separation between the two movie properties.



I know what some folks are thinking. Why not just use the ol Ma and Pa Kent raise her?

Thanks to WB/DC in their infinite shortsightedness, They’ve made it so that’s an impossibility. Remember in Man of Steel, they killed off Pa Kent already. Also in Justice League Batman had to buy the bank to get Ma Kent the house/farm back. Seriously, how the hell is she supposed to raise a teenage girl with superpowers when she can’t even pay the mortgage? And doing it on her own no less… well, that’s just as improbable as both Batman and Superman’s mothers having the same first name. I guess they could set the movie to happen before Pa Kent bit the dust, but then where was Kara in Man of Steel, see doesn’t work.

Obviously, WB/DC is going to do whatever they’ve planned to do with Supergirl. In all likelihood, the Danvers version may be so they can not put the burden on poor Ma Kent. But let’s face it, having Supergirl raised by Amazons would be way cooler.

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