Talent, The Trench, Hit Monkey and More!

It seems like there is a ton of news each week, so much so it’s just getting harder and harder to catch up!  Personally the Hit Monkey thing is the best of the bunch.  Even though James Gunn never got to use him I cannot wait to see him in a show.  Good luck this week, there are a bunch of dollar bin goodies to track down if that is your thing.


Talent 1

First appearance of the property

Long dead spec Talent has been resurrected by Fox.  It’s easy to see why Fox has reportedly gone straight to order on this series.  Talent’s protagonist survives a plane crash killing everyone but himself and in the process gains all the talents of the dead passengers.  I would hit the bins now, if you find it odds are it will be very cheap.


Aquaman 1 ( Newsstand Only )

First appearance of the Trench

Yea I know,  Every speculator with an IG account is on this one. But there were a ton of the direct edition printed.  The newsstand appears to be very, very rare.

One thing you might want to consider when thinking about key Trench comics is this issue and its variant.  The Trench can be controlled by whoever wields the Dead King’s Scepter aka the Scepter of Atlan.  This is it’s first appearance.

and here is the variant,

For preview fans you can always look for this one.  There is an image of the Trench inside!

NOTE: There may be regional variants for this.



Strangers in Paradise 15

First appearance of Libby

Another Terry Moore comic has been optioned.  I haven’t read Motor Girl but if Rachel Rising is any indication this  one could steadily rise in value as we inch closer to the release.

One of the key supporting characters is the junk yard owner Libby.  Since Moore’s comics exist in their own connected universe it is not surprising that Libby appeared earlier in another book.

Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition

This one might be of interest to fans of Moore’s work.  it published the original version of SIP 1 which had never seen print prior.

Motor Girl’s origin’s go back to Terry simply sketching out the characters in the mid 2000’s.  That first drawing was not published until the release of the TPB.



S.H.I.E.L.D. 9 ( Adams 1:50 Variant )

First appearance of S.T.A.K.E.

Looking for some Hit Monkey spec? Try this one, Adams Shield 9 1:50 variant. This book is the first appearance of S.T.A.K.E., a monster hunting branch of Shield with it’s origins in the Fury Howling series which featured some rare Groot appearances. Odd though, Hit is on the cover but not in the book!
S.T.A.K.E.’s origins go back to this series which includes a version of Groot worth checking out!
While everyone is arguing over what Hit Monkey’s first appearance is ( it’s the one-shot ) you could be looking for the rarest Hit Monkey piece out there, an assembled Marvel Legends figure! Make sure he is complete though!
Hey it’s been quite a while since I mentioned a Diamond in this article but this one cannot be overlooked.  When Valiant was announcing their books in these catalogs the upcoming titles and characters were often different from what ended up in publication.  The same was true for Bloodshot who was originally set to be called The Rising Spirit!  This edition gives us the first image of Bloodshot and under a different name!
second appearance of the Thunderbolts
So this is not a first appearance but it does predate Hulk 450.  The T-Bolts spec sure died quick but just in case things change you might want to look for this.  It gives some pretty important insight into the team and newsstands are quite rare.  The only way to tell is to flip it over.  Good luck searching Ebay.
First appearance of the Offenders
 Hulk 10 is the first appearance of the Offenders.  Even though the team set to appear on Hulu will be drastically different this is the the first.  Of all the covers this one is my pic.
And finally there are some rumors the Alien Franchise will be coming to the small screen!  Here is the first comic appearance.  DHP 24 is sure to heat up along with some others so get hunting!

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