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Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The sun is shining, the flowers are drying, and the roasts are roasting. Tom Cruise has come and gone and silenced dissidents, and in his wake, he has left the massive wad of paper known as the Previews book. As con season gets underway, let’s dive in and see what awaits those of us who aren’t eager. Will we get more mashed-up first appearances? Will Donny visit another natural landmark? Will the Batawang make a resurgence? Let’s dive in!

(As always, biggest of shout outs to King’s Cache comics! There’s a few comic shops around Austin, but only King’s Cache allows The Tin Hat to put in a Previews order of 10 Old Harley #5. Hit them up months ahead of time for all your spec purposes! If you snooze, you’se a fool.)




Detective Comics will be well on its way past issue 1,000. As DC starts putting out another book with a missing comma, what possible first appearances will allow us to recoup all those funds we threw at the Tec 1k store variants?

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1 – The series that’s so popular they made it thrice. Batman and the Turtles team up again as Bane and Krang are set on destruction. An animated movie has been announced, and it caused a small bump (for now) on the first series. Also comes with a cool Eastman variant.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 – This was originally supposed to be the team of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, but due to the latter’s success with The White Knight, Capullo ended up replacing him. In a way, it’ll be a bit poetic because this is being touted as their last Batman work together (just like KISS’s final tour). There will probably be a bunch of store variants which will ruin the print run, but it’ll still be a great popcorn read. Also will have a Jock variant.

DC’s Year of the Villain #1 – DC comes back with another 25 cent issue. Last year, we got DC Nation #0 which lead into a new Justice League series. We’ll see where this takes us, but the Tin Hat suggests to holding off on the variants. A year later, those DC Nation #0 ratio variants are very affordable, and the same could happen to these variants.

DCeased #1 – Zombies? No. A virus? Maybe. Is zombies a virus? Either way, we get a pretty sweet looking story about the DC heroes fighting hordes of zombies. Will this create a similar pop culture effect that Marvel Zombies did? The potential is there. Also, the Year of Putri continues as she provides another great cover. Here’s hoping she provides a horror movie variant for each issue.

Batman #70#71 – Bruce teams up with his dad from the Flashpoint Multiverse as they set sail for adventure! (Or in this case, a trek across the desert.) Will Thomas Wayne convince his son to finally give up the mantle? Also, we get a pretty sweet Frank Cho variant for issue #71.

Batman: Damned #3 – Is this it, Tin Hatters? Is it finally over? The series that was supposed to end in December might finally end 6 months later. How many more edits could they have done? Did they replace all images of blood with images of Big Red? The stunning conclusion (if Dan Didio allows it) is here.

The Batman Who Laughs #5 – Just pointing out that sweet Kalvachev variant.

Catwoman #11 – Unlike most other solicits, this particular variant isn’t shown in the Previews. While most shops order enough to meet demand for Artgerm, make sure to tell your shop to order a couple for you just in case.

Detective Comics #10031004 – The man behind the mask is finally revealed! Who can it be? Is it Man-Bat? Is it Jason Todd? Tom Cruise? Mark Brooks provides sweet connecting covers. Last year, Marvel pumped the hell out of the Red Goblin and ended up ruining it. Let’s see if DC learns from that mistake.

Naomi #5 – Bendis held a reddit AMA and confirmed that he and DC have huge plans for Naomi, huge! Collecting the first few issues may be a smart move.

Batman: Damned HC – Only adding this in because I can’t believe they’re actually doing it! Collecting all three issues of Batman: Damned with bonus artwork (Extra wangs? Topless Harley? More drugs?) Will this be heavily edited, or will DC say “Screw it” and let everything be out in the open? Will it even get published? We’ll have to wait a full season before we find out.

DC looks to be putting out a solid month. I skipped over a few titles because I feel the spec has been spec’d on already (Mattina variants, Middletons variants, Putri variants, etc.) Keep educating yourselves, Tin Hatters! Let the Tin Hat be proud of you.




While DC seems to slowly prepare things for the future, Marvel seems ready to kick everything up a notch immediately. Lots of hot looking books coming out, many with great potential.

Savage Avengers #1 – This is the book that will try to make the Marvel Universe rock and roll. Conan the Barbarian! Venom! Wolverine! What is going on with this team?! This seemingly random assortment of characters seems wild enough to work. A slew of variants accompany this #1 including a Moebius Elektra variant. This could be crazy enough to work.

Venom #11 – I think this is the last issue before Donny comes back. I’m excited to see Cullen Bunn back although I would have preferred he wasn’t tied to an event. Either way, that Carnage variant is pretty cool.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #43 – I usually don’t like to talk about Marvel percentage variants because they hardly ever maintain any value, but this Battle Lines variant looks really sweet. However, if that other variant ends up being a ratio variant, it will be one to keep an eye on.

Amazing Spider-Man #22 – I’m breaking my rules again. Another percentage variant that is mighty sweet. Let’s hope the other spec books pay for all these.

The Immortal Hulk #17#18 – But it’s not the Immortal Hulk. I think almost everyone will have caught on to the Immortal Hulk by this point, but these solicits make it sound like something major will happen. Also, that Alex Ross cover to #17 is hella sweet.

Star Wars #108 – A remastered Carmine Infantino! Holy moly (probably a 1:gazillion variant). Can this sequel/one shot have surprise first appearances?

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 – The Spider-Verse continues! Who is Spider-Bite? Is he a new Spider character that will be worth hundreds of dollars years from now? He may cameo in #5.

Spider-Man: Life Story #3 – Chip Zdarsky is a national treasure.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 – Who is Starling? Is she related to the Fuertonas from America? Is she a brand new character? Is it the female version of Jim Starlin? If there’s a ratio variant, you know what that means.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #50 – This book may end up on Jason Shaw’s article “The Last to Know” someday. The final issue of the first volume of Spider-Man/Deadpool. No variants. Hopefully no store variants. Nice Dave Johnson cover. Go big.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 – What does Donny have in store for us? Will Thanos come back? I mean, he eventually must, right? Or will he?

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #3 – Cosmic Ghost Rider Frank Castle Punisher with the Phoenix Force! How many more mash ups can there be? Will he get the symbiote next? Scheer and Giovannetti definitely seem to have a fun series on their hands.

Thanos #2 – Jen Bartel variant. Will be hot.

Shuri #8 – A new Black Panther suit for Shuri? What happened to the old suit? Also, is this a first meeting between Miles and Shuri? This looks promising.

Black Panther #12 – Jen Bartel doing interiors.

Marvel Team-Up #2 – Spider-Man’s and Kamala’s team up continues. But, err, that is an interesting cover. Bad jokes incoming?

X-Men: Grand Design – X-Tinction #1 – Ed Piskor’s abridged version of the X-Men history is back! His final act begins and sure looks promising.

X-23 #12 – That’s a pretty rad cover by Ashley Witter. Laura and Gabby finally find out what’s going on at the Harvest Company. And where is Tuoks?

Deadpool #12 – The final battle between Deadpool and Good Night! Will Good Night remain relevant after this arc?

Age of Conan: Bêlit #3 – This series continues to have amazing variants. That Hans variant will be HOT!

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Boba Fett #1 – That cover is sweeeeeet. The Dodsons knocked it out. Can’t go wrong with Boba Fett.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #2 – The internet was broken a few days ago when the first few photos of Galaxy’s Edge appeared online. People are hyped. Life-size AT-ATs! Also, this cover is bad ass. Has the final cover art for #1 been released yet?

Star Wars: Tie Fighter #2 – Get this whole series.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #32 – Hans variant.

What a doozy. Seems like Disney is definitely putting more stock into their comics this month for some reason. Now let’s dive in to the rest of the meaty Previews book.




Gogor #1 – A new fantasy adventure brought to you by Ken Garing. This looks to be in the veins of Lord of the Rings and a Legend of Zelda video game. Only one cover (probably a few store variants). Definitely get this on your pull.

Ascender #2 – Cannot wait to see how this series continues.

Spawn #297 – 3 issues until 300.


Dark Horse


Stranger Things: Six #1 – First a midquel, now a prequel. The first series didn’t heat up as most hoped it would, but you never know. Get one at least.




Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #1 – How many other femme teams will meet Riverdale’s finest twosome? Either way, there’s a pretty sweet Hack cover here.


BOOM! Studios


Faithless #2 – Paul Pope.


Action Lab Danger Zone


Spencer and Locke II #2 – Don’t sleep on this series.


Antarctic Press


Punchline #6 – $10 variant. This could be flippable.

Horror Comics #1 – It seems like everyone wants their own horror anthology book. Not that I’m complaining though. Give me all the horror you got! Also, did we ever get issue 2 of Teether?


Archie Comics


Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2 – Stadium Comics broke our wallets with their Sabrina the Teenage Witch variants. Will another store do the same for issue 2? Also, is the Ibanez variant an E.T. homage?


Devils Due/1First Comics, LLC


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party Who Dis? – What a doozy of a title. It’s no question that AOC has a lot of fans, but will these fans cross over to the comic world? Also, Josh Blaylock, the guy behind this book, seems to have ruffled feathers by not paying artists for their works. He even owes Jock money! This book already feels volatile before it has even hit the presses. My friend Eric Bischoff says controversy creates cash. Let’s hope that holds true in the aftermarket. Wade carefully with this one, Hatters. Also, there is a variant for this book that has AOC in a warrior outfit.


Impact Theory, LLC


Neon Future #3 – This caught my attention because it looks like a strong homage to a Francavilla Jurassic Park Mondo poster. Interesting premise with dragon-dinosaurs floating around. This could be an interesting pick up just for Cover A alone.


Keenspot Entertainment


Dead Sonja #1 – Rob Potchak comes out with another fun looking parody book. His Junior High Horrors provided quick flip opportunities back when the first issue came out, so this book could be another good quick flip.


Kevin Eastman Studios


Drawing Blood: Spilled Ink #1 – Can the Ronin Ragdolls prove to be as popular the Turtles? Eastman sure thinks so. However, at the same time, it looks like this is nothing but pure fun from his mind based on the solicitation. This probably self-parody looks like it’ll be a great read.

The Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls One-Shot – Here it is! What will be the first appearance of the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls? Will Ragdolls-mania take over? My money’s on the Eastman variant.


Scout Comics


Category Zero #1 – An interesting premise from Scout Comics. Airborne virus where only 1% of the population has an immunity to it. Eventually, they are experimented upon by the government which then leads to an all out war.




She Said Destroy #1 – Vault Comics is becoming the new thang with These Savage Shores, and it looks like it can continue with this book. A battle between gods, witches, and destruction somewhere in between. Also, an awesome B variant that’s an homage to Saga. Get this ASAP.


That’s it, Tin Hatters! What a month. Seems like it’s Marvel heavy (and that’s because I skipped past the War of the Realms event). There’s some great stories here and some great money making opportunities. As always, check your clocks, spring ahead, tighten your tin foil, and farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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