The Black Widow, Hellraiser, JJ Abrams, and More!

This week has been crazy so I threw this together while riding on the train. Look for something special coming from myself and CBSI writer Jason Shaw soon.


Also be warned there is one Spider-man Far From Home




Fringe 0 ( Convention edition )

First comic work by JJ Abrams

The man behind some of the best shows and movies Hollywood has to offer is writing a Spider-Man comic.  Well it isn’t the first time he has taken a crack at writing them.  His first work goes all the way back to this rare con exclusive!

Wizard Magazine 90 ( must include the Marvel Knights Wave 2 Special )

Yelena Belova is hot, hot , hot!  IF you want her first cover appearance in a comic  her designs were published here.  Wizard included a wave 2 MK supplement.



Ultimate Fantastic Four 23 ( Cameo Zombie Iron Man ) & Marvel Zombies 2 ( First cover and first full Zombie Iron Man )

There appears to be a homage to Marvel Zombies in Spider-Man’s new flick.  The Marvel Zombie Universe first appeared in issue 21 but Iron Man ( Zombies ) did not appear until issue 23.




So Hellraiser is going to get that show, issue 1 will so be tough to find but if you are a foreign fan like me there is a badass Italian reprint from October 1990 that collects issue 1 of both Epic’s Hellraiser and Night Breed 1 ( also getting adapted )

I kinda dig the cover to CSN 1229 too!


Here’s a Star Wars deep cut,  Holowan Mechanicals ( creator of IG-88 )  is set to play a big role in the upcoming Mandalorian TV show.  This is the first time they were identified and pictured.  Find a comic appearance you are a better digger than me,  if so hit me up I will trade you a random speculative tidbit I have mentioned nowhere else!


Marvel Comics Presents 72 ( Newsstand )

Thanks to some renewed interest in Weapon X, this heavily printed Wolvie key has seen increased sales.  Thanks to that print run I would look for a newsstand in high grade.  I know I say that a lot but for a book like this it is the only way to go. 

And here are my cover pics of the week.  The return of Journey wasn’t exactly a resounding success but it did produce these two, a sick Shang-Chi cover and a final issue that is not easy to find.

and finally there is this.  Some covers just make you stop in your tracks.  I noticed this one and realized it has everything, a blade reflection, ominous shadows, pigtails on a pregnant chick and no fear.


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