The Blood Bank

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. The team here is always trying to bring you fresh, relevant content in today’s comic world. This new column will continue that trend – Welcome to the “The Blood Bank”

The lifeline for comic longevity is the future art/material otherwise known as new blood. With the lack of modern creations, or unique takes, there is little to no growth within this amazing industry.

The “Blood Bank” will highlight one or two new independent books per column. They may not be hot specs or the flip flavor of the week. However these are solid reads that need to find a larger audience. With this, they potentially become more of a household title, creator, and artist.

CBSI is the most educated, savvy collective unit in the comic consumption space. Let’s give back to those who give to us and provide our eyes and minds. These books may not have the biggest marketing machines behind them of other publishers. This doesn’t mean they should not be read or seen!

This week’s inaugural book comes from Mad Cave studios titled Midnight Task Force which was released this previous Wednesday July 11th. It’s a blend of sci-fi and crime noir written by Mark London. Aiden McCormick is a retired Major from a Operational Task Force fire team.

He was discharged due to a unexpected explosion that severed his arm off during a mission in Somalia. Nine years later circa 2055 he is solving murder cases as a detective in a gritty future Detroit city oozing with crime and violence. He then finds

himself wrapped up in a brutal murder spree where the killer is leaving bodies to be discovered in a very specific manner. As the story moves long in a unique twist, we begin to see Aiden hearing voices that are seperated by color within the panels.

See below as an example:


It is only at the end do we get an idea of what these represent and I will tell you it’s very cool! The overall issue is a solid set up into this world and all the players within it. We get glimpses of the big picture and just how nutso this case is going to get including the toll on our hero.

Finally, there is a mystery company involved called  Viridian Corporation which seems to have it’s hand in a lot of different cookie jars and none are of the positive type. Additional highlights of the comic is the art. Alejandro Giraldo panels show off his amazing talents in bringing this city to life in an edgy style reminiscent of a Sin City. The colors truly pop in places and the level of detail is something to be seen and appreciated.

The techie futuristic goodies are pure eye candy such as bionic glasses that gives Aiden the ability to decipher multiple pieces of info at a crime scene while being linked to the Detroit Police Departments database.

Check this out:


Mad Cave studios is a new Publisher that has delivered only one title before this which was the medieval fantasy Battlecats. I will give them tremendous credit as the paper and overall feel of the book is top notch. Everything about the comic aesthetically is first class. It reminds me of how Scout books feel to the touch. Those of you who have read those know, they are just put together well and feel good in your hands. No crappy paper or printer issues.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of this. Yes, it does pull from many different ideas – Blade Runner, Se7en, Sin City, and Watchmen as examples. However, it gives its own spin that has some very distinct qualities pushing this comic into uncharted territory. If this is any indication of Mad Cave’s books they are going to publish, this group may have a prosperous future on their hands. Please hit up you Previews magazine for the next issue which will be in stores on August 8th.


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