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Anti Eternia He Man



There are several books released this week that will more immediately pop on the secondary market, but if I’m looking for a long term play, especially an easily accessible long shot long term play, its He Man for me. The biggest draw in the Anti Eternia He Man 1st comic appearance.

This character already showed up in other forms of media and his action figure is one of the most desired MOTU figures on the market. ,  that combined with the good version of Skeletor give two first appearances to back up an already fan favorite series. Past He Man series have done well but this one could be coming at the right time.

Kevin Smith is doing an anime show for Netflix with some rumored big names attached, the toy line is rebooting, there is an upcoming WWE crossover line debuting soon, and there has constantly been rumors of a MOTU feature film in the works.

With all that and the possibility of Anti Eternia He Man being a character featured in some form of media, I 3xpect to see these two covers rise over time.


Cover A


Cover B


Spider Verse Back Issue Bolo Part 1





Premiering this week, Modern Marvel Star Wars Back Issues



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Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. BOLO


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