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This is a rougher week for long term plays. Lots of log shots and a few flips really. I went with Venom because mostly I think it will be panned by the spec crowd which is sad, because this was truly an awesome issue. I think Donny Cates has delivered solid reader buzz throughout this series and I think it’s the fervor that has held back some because everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what Dylan will become. In this issue we get The Maker Speculating on Dylan and I don’t think that part is put in there for no reason. I also find the Ultimate Symbiote to be an interesting addition. Who knows where this story will go but when it gets there, issue #20 could find itself a key.


Modern Marvel Back Issue Bolo Part 1


Premiering this week, Power Rangers!


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Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. BOLO


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