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 TMNT #100


That’s right! The brothers from the sewers of New York take the LTP spot two weeks in a row with this weeks landmark 100th issue. Series just don’t go this long these days and this IDW run has been the most successful of any Turtles run ever.

Now I think we may see a return of a major villain in this week’s issue, but this pick is all about the anniversary.  Now I know this will be heavily ordered. And for that reason largely it’s the long term play and not a short term flip.

But I really like books like this long term. Issue #50 has begun to dry up but it could take years for these landmark issues to feel the  weight of their importance measured in secondary market success.

Spawn #300,200, and #100 are books I looked at the same way. . There are so many fans of this property. Everyone of them will want this issue. BE ON THE LOOKOUT!


CW ‘S Crisis Back Issue Bolo


Premiering this week, Modern Marvel Villains



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Jack DeMayo AKA Mr. BOLO


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