The Bored and Broke Haul

Yes my friends, even in the city of the lights the well runs dry at times. So two days out from payday I found myself bored, with little scratch to spend, but jonezing to hunt some comics. So after work, I attacked the 50 cent boxes at a shop about 25 miles from me.

I didn’t find any gems or anything of the sort, but I had some fun nonetheless. Hindsight being 20/20, I could have easily done without 90% of them, but what can you do? I’ll just chalk it up as future speculation!

I picked up 40 books at 0.50 cents a piece. Totaling a stout, $21.20 (tax…sigh). Here’s the breakdown. The “current market value” in near mint condition will be listed after the issue title. For times sake, and to save you all mindless reading of $1-$2 books, I’ll list 12 of the 40. If you’re asking yourself, “why 12?”, well you’re question will be answered below.

  • Web of Spider-Man #97 (First appearance of Dr. Kevin Trench. #7 on CBSI Hot 10!)- $20
  • Black Widow #3- $5
  • Marvel Comics Presents #118 (First appearance of Doctor Doom 2099)- $5
  • Annihilation Conquest #2- $5
  • Batman #540- $4
  • All-Star Batman and Robin #1- $4
  • Batman #442- $4
  • Spawn #10- $6
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #538- $6
  • Wolverines #3 (First appearance of Fantomelle)- $5
  • Daredevil #9 (1998) (First appearance of Echo)- $10
  • X-Force #23- $6

So out of those 12, there is a near mint value of $80, bringing my 10% market value to $8. So when factoring in the other 28 books I purchased, I’d certainly profit from the lot. I may very well profit from the Web of Spider-Man book alone. But that’s the funny thing about the comic game.

A few months back, a 0.50 cent box Is exactly where a book like that belonged, and I’m sure in due time, it will find itself back in most 0.50 cent boxes. The market fluctuates. It always has and always will. The big players will always be HOTT, but these “flavor of the week” characters come and go.

As speculators, it is our job to capitalize and make as much cash as there is to be had. But perhaps that’s not what the core of collecting comics is at all. I believe for the true collector, it’s just the thrill of hunt.

It’s taking hours flipping through thousands of cheap books, and hoping maybe you’ll find the big one! But really, that’s not why you’re doing it at all. You’re doing it because you love comic books. You love the stories, and you love the smell, and the colors.

These characters were your heroes, and it brings you back to the safest place you’ve ever been. Diatribe over, but next time you’re thinking about books, think back to your childhood, when you wanted to be a superhero…Hell, I’m closing in on 30 and still do!!!


Web of Spider-Man #97/Black Widow #3

The aforementioned Spidey book is obvious, but that Black Widow cover…my oh my.


Annihilation Conquest #2/Marvel Comics Presents #118

I love the early modern Starlord appearances. His costume is just awesome and the annihilation covers were SO GOOD! The inside art, not so much. As for the MCP #118, I’ll never pass up on a Wolverine/Venom cover for 0.50 cents.


Spawn #10/Daredevil #9


Always loved the Cerebus/Spawn crossover! And don’t sleep on DD #9! Echo was damn cool in the New Avengers as Ronin, and she could make a comeback!!!


Batman #540/X-Force #23

Kick-ass Spectre cover? Check. Domino and Deadpool on a cover together. Check. Surely that alone would satiate all of the new Deadpool fanboys out there. Even if it was printed a billion times!


And lastly, these were three other books I bought in the lot.


Absolutely no significance, except for the fact that I think the covers are awesome! A buddy of mine is helping me make a bar, and I’m laying comic books under a sheet of glass as the bar top. These three will be contenders for the final product!

As always, thanks for taking a trip. Stay for awhile, and read some of my past articles if ya haven’t. And remember, when the sun goes down, the freaks roam the scene.


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