The Cheetah, Hocky Hoof Hank, The Grateful Dead, Pie Charts and More!

     Well what a week,  the BS surrounding the Red Goblin did more to turn me off to a character than if Rob Liefeld himself were to draw the first appearance.  Trolls were out in full force as usual.  Books continue to get optioned while others actually saw some advancement beyond the stage where so many languish for eternity. And  the Black Panther kicked ass!

   Based on some comments I read recently I want to reiterate my stance on some of what I spotlight.  I can’t believe I have to repeat this but I will so please read this closely….

     I am known to highlight the collectable nature of rare adverts and previews from time to time.  They are by no means the only books I talk about but they are a passion of mine because they represent what I believe to be a unique corner of the market.  But the key word here is rare.  Now why would I spotlight a Marvel Previews book that features the Red Goblin or Kobik or that new Valkyrie? They are not rare and hold no other value to me or anyone else.  Modern Marvel preview books are common and have enormous print runs.  They also print images of every upcoming book so I rarely mention them.  I try to feature what I love and what you may not know about.  The rest is up to you.



Crazy 92 & Rock & Roll Comics 45

First appearance of the Grateful Dead and first cover

This one is for you Ben C.

I cannot confirm that they are in Crazy but if they are then it’s the first appearance.


MAD 232

First appearance of The Greatest American Hero?  Well it looks like it’s the first logo at least!



Thanos 11

First appearance of the Fallen One.

Despite some BS from a master of it,  this book is key.  You see the Surfer is now the Fallen One but the Fallen One is a title and it has been held before.  If reading the comics is your thing,  don’t you want to know and possess all you can about the characters you love?   All I am saying here is that even though the new  Fallen One is different, the Surfer already has a first appearance and we all know what it is and how expensive it is.

If Thanos continues to tear up the market, buying books that hold some relevance even if if they are not directly tied to Cates narrative,  is never a bad idea.  In the case of the Cosmic Ghost Rider the first time we ever see a Ghost Rider Punisher mash up is in the book I mentioned last week.  That character was only seen on the cover so he has no origin, just an image and a cover.  Whatever spin you want to put on it that’s important.  Oh and it isn’t exactly easy to find in 9.8 thanks to the size.  This  one appears to a bit a bit difficult to track down too.



Starslayer 2

First appearance of the Rocketeer

Disney sure likes making some unique cartoons based on superheroes these days.  With Moon Girl coming and a new  Rocketeer we sure are lucky.   This is the Rocketeer’s first appearance.  The new Rocketeer is going to be a girl but there are no female Rocketeers in any comic as far as I know.




Wonder Woman Vol. 2 issues 7,8,9 & Who’s Who Update 2

First appearance of Barbara Minerva ( The Cheetah )

Looks like the Cheetah is up next as the villain for WW 2.   I don’t know about you all but I hope the costume looks exactly like this…

The Cheetah appeared earlier but the film appears to be using this version.  These issue have high print runs so the books to look for are the Canadian Price Variants and high grade newsstands.  Minerva first appears in 7 then 8.  The Update book came out the same month as 8 making it the first appearance of the cheetah but it is a profile book only.  The book says her first is in issue 8 but she does not make her first in costume appearance and cover appearance until issue 9.




The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 29

First appearance of Hocky Hoof Hank and Commander Sootori

OK I love first appearances of whacked out new characters and these two are perfect even if Hoof doesn’t really say or do that much for a worthy horse.




2000 A.D. 228 & 230

First appearances of Rogue Trooper and Slaine

Duncan Jones says ( in a joblo interview ) he wants to direct a 2000 A.D. film featuring either Slaine or Rogue Trooper! Though I would prefer a Nemesis the Warlock film the prospect of either is pretty awesome.
The Beef 1
First appearance of the Beef?!
How can any comic fan not take a shot on this?
and finally the only pie chart worth a damn in my book…
Archie 132
First comic appearance of a pie chart!

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