The Curious Case of Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

Shortly after Spider Gwen became a sensation on the secondary market, the appearance of what was presumed to be Gwen and Jane Foster as Thor in Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #0 became a hot topic among speculators and collectors. The mini series premiere issue was released weeks before Gwen would see her debut in Edge of Spider Verse #2. This prompted many in the community to wonder if we have a True Firsts type of appearance.

Almost as quickly as that book rose in popularity seemingly died once the market consensus became that those were trick or treaters in the Hawkeye vs. Deadpool issue. So not first appearance, just kids in costumes. Quite possibly the first appearance of those costumes though which should be noted. Grading companies seemed to quickly jump on board with that line of thinking.

(Alamo Comic Con Variant)

This all became news again when an industry app alerted subscribers to Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 as possible first Spider Gwen and Jane Foster Thor. New collectors and speculators  jumped on the alert and it sparked the debate again amongst veteran speculators. Monday saw more than 50 books and lots containing Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 fly off of eBay seeing prices raise from $2 to $20. But are these people making a good investment or too quick to follow up on a tip? As the leaders in speculation, CBSI needed to know the truth.

So CBSI Social Media’s Jack DeMayo took to twitter to go straight to the source and reached out to the men responsible for the books in question  to get some clarity. Jason Latour, Writer and Credited Spider Gwen creator who wrote

Not not to leave any stone unturned he also reached out to Gerry Duggan, Writer of the Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool mini series.

And just in case you don’t pick up on Duggan’s sarcasm (c’mon he did write Deadpool after all)  in his response here is a Reddit AMA he did four years ago where he gave a bit more detail.

So there you have it Spider Gwen may be in the 616 now and from Earth 65 but she was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in the head of Jason Latour and given life on the pages of Edge of Spider Verse #2 with design, art, and aesthetic from Robbi Rodriguez and color from Rico Renzi.

Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #0 should not be dismissed as irrelevant as costume First Appearances do carry some cache in the industry (I’m looking at you Black Suit Spidey!). Plus Gerry Duggan writes a fun Deadpool story. But, when investing In Spider Gwen or Jane Foster, make sure your doing it on the right books for the right reasons.


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