The Day After Wednesday for 1/11/2018

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 1/10/18. They could still be at your shop.



ROSE #7 LOOPYDAVE COVER “B” VARIANT (IMAGE) – This is selling really well at $17-$20 shipped.  However, there’s a significant amount of flooding right now.  It’s trending down towards $15.

STABBITY BUNNY #1 (SCOUT) – Is this a Bunny that is stabbity or the victim of someone being stabbity?  Either way it’s selling for $12.  The self-published original comic that this re-prints is only selling for $40, which seems low for being relatively hot.

TRUMPS TITANS VS MARK ZUCKERBERG #1 (KEENSPOT) – Yeah, this is a weak HOT list this week.  Without having read any of these, I really don’t know who this is marketed to.  It’s obviously meant to be silly and attempts to make light of the serious divisions in our country today.  Regardless, a full variant set has sold for $29 shipped.  The Ivanka 1:10 Variant has a cover price of $10, which is what that sells for. Individual sales for the standard Zuckerberg cover sells for $10 shipped and the “Fake News” cover at around $12 shipped.


BATMAN #38 (DC) – Flooding dragged these down last week from $20 per set to $13.  That price has pretty much held and even went up a $1 or $2.  It seems stable right now.

GREEN LANTERNS #38 (DC) –  Last week, each cover was selling for $10.  Prices have greatly fluctuated.  NM copies have sold between $9-$15 shipped, while other copies have sold from $5-$7.  I would hold on to your NM copies for a bit and see if it continues to go up.

POPEYE CLASSICS ONGOING #65 ZOMBIE 1:10 VARIANT (IDW) – Since last week, only one copy hit eBay and was listed at mere $19.99 and sold instantly.  No other copies have been listed and I know for a fact that people are itching for a copy.  If you have one,  now is a great time to list.  The market is yours!

SECRET WEAPONS #0 1:50 POLINA VARIANT (VALIANT) –  The 1:50 Polina variant sold last week for $100.  Over the past week, there were a few other sales at $80 and $120 shipped.  Which brings us to today, which saw a sale of $200!  High Ratio Valiant Variant are some of the best new release flips.



AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER #675 (MARVEL): Generally, the majority of these variants are doing pretty poorly.  The Alex Ross 1:200 saw a pre-sale at $255, however all copies currently listed are for $199 or best offer.  The 1:100 is selling for $60 on average (which is actually better than I expected).  I don’t think that’s a terrible price for Mr. Ross, who has one of the worst high ratio market returns.  So, why is this warm?  The Acuna B&W Party Variant is actually doing really well at $45 shipped.  I have this in warm due to the wildly difference in price that shops are listing it for (my shop has it for $70.  Pass.).  This cover is the better of the two Party variants (the other being the color version) and features the new character VOYAGER being overtaken by the Symbiote.  It looks awesome in black & white.  Voyager is being retconned into Avengers history (ala Sentry), though there are rumors and speculation that she’s already an established character.  Either way, it’s either a first appearance or the first appearance of an older character AS Voyager (unless you want to consider Marvel Legacy #1 as her first appearance in statue form).  I would grab one of these and hold it if you can get it cheap.

FLASH #38 MATTINA “B” VARIANT (DC) – DC’s “B” variants are solid buys these days.  If it’s a cool cover, people are going to want it.  It definitely helps when you have hot talent like Mattina doing the cover.  The most recent sales went for $8 to $12 shipped.  I have this in warm for a few reasons: (1) Most sales have been in the $7 range (which is really cover price + shipping).  (2) There are A LOT of copies currently listed at a variety of prices.  It could see a bump if the cheaper copies sell fast.  However, with these “B” variants, it’s important to remember that while it will have a lower print run then cover “A”, the print run is still pretty high for a variant.  If you’re buying them to flip, you have to expect a lot of competition.  The best thing you can do is simply buy the covers you like and tuck them away.  There will be long term winners one day.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #22 MAHNKE “B” VARIANT (DC) – Yep, another “B” variant featuring the Queen of Fables.  This has been a solid cover price seller all day.  However, a few recent sales moved at around $7 and $8 shipped.  Surprisingly, there are only a handful currently listed and they’re all aiming for around $12 to $15 shipped.  They might just get it.

PHOENIX RESURRECTION RETURN JEAN GREY #3 HANS 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – What a gorgeous cover!  It’s currently selling at ratio, which is $25+shipping.  However, it’s slowly trending up.  The Jean Grey & Scott Summers was always one of my favorite comic relationships, so this cover is a must have for me.  Does it have long-term spec.?  I think it could be a solid $40 variant.

ROCKOS MODERN LIFE #2 SUBSCRIPTION MERCADO VARIANT (BOOM!) – These  portrait variants are really strange yet awesome.  I think this issue, along with the 1st, should see some nice bumps in price when collectors realize by issue #3 or #4 that they’ll want the full set.  Right now, these are selling for $8.  Like every other warm book on this list, a $1 or $2 profit is nothing to go run out and buy… but it’s warm enough that you should pay attention to it.

SUPERGIRL #17 ARTGERM VARIANT (DC) – I LOVE this cover.  I’ve been enjoying these Artgerm Supergirl covers and I’m buying all of them.  The problem is, spec. wise stores and fans are well aware of their releases.  Still, the market prices are okay at $7, which (Like the Flash above) is just barely cover + shipping.  Regardless, these are selling well and there’s no flood currently.  There’s a good chance that this can go up a little more.



BSG VS BSG #1 (DYNAMITE) – You can buy the variant set (1:50, 1:40, 1:30, 1:20 & 1:10) for the low price of $36 shipped.  One set sold for $32.  Ouch.

DEJAH THORIS #0 (DYNAMITE) – The market has been brutal for Dynamite this week.  The 1:100 J. Scott Campbell is selling for $24 shipped.  One set of 4 of the variants ended an auction at $30.  Granted, this isn’t a surprise.  This was the same case for Sheena.  (I do like the Comics Elite exclusive though, which is selling for what it costs on their site).

NINJAK VS VALIANT UNIVERSIRTY #1 (OF 4) (VALIANT) – No big movers for this series.

OLD MAN HAWKEYE #1 1:50 & 1:100 MCNIVEN VARIANT (MARVEL) – This is tepid.  It’s been cool, but definitely warming up quickly.  These were the only variants I really wanted yesterday and I couldn’t find them anywhere.  The 1:50 is selling for $45 shipped and the 1:100 around $93.  Those are so close to being at ratio.  I honestly think that the 1:100 could be a strong long-term expensive variant contender.  I don’t think many stores ordered 100 copies of this book.  It’s extremely hard to find.  Not to mention that the Old Man Logan universe is a fan favorite.  I can see Old Man Hawkeye getting pulled into the main Marvel U like his Logan counterpart.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #78 1:10 RI VARIANT (IDW) – Here’s a cool TMNT cover that people were talking about this week.  It’s selling at ratio for $10 shipped.  Another $1 or $2 and it could’ve joined the largest “Warm” list I’ve ever done.  It HAS seen some sales for $12, but it’s trending at $10 right now.

WONDER WOMAN #38 FRISON “B” VARIANT (DC) – Just wanted to highlight another great Frison cover!



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