The Day After Wednesday for 10/27/2017

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 10/25/17. They could still be at your shop.



ETERNITY #1 MASSAFERA 1:40 VARIANT (VALIANT) – I will admit that I’m not the biggest valiant fan, but damn do they have some great artists. This 1:40 variant Felipe Massafera (new to my radar) is just awesome. I have no clue who most of the characters are, but I get why Valiant fans are paying $100 for this variant. Now that he’s on my radar, I’ve noticed how amazing his other stuff is. For example, the Planet of the Apes/ Green Lantern crossover, the title/subject matter alone made me pass these over. But, search “Massafera Spectrum set” in eBay’s sold listings and look how amazing those are together. Ah heck, I’ll do it for you. Here you go:



INFERNOCT #1 (SCOUT) 1:10 VARIANT – Sellers were really trying to hold out for the $50 these were selling for last week. They’ve dropped down to $26, which is a better hold then I expected for it.

KID LOBOTOMY #1 1:10 GOLD FOIL RECALLED VARIANT (IDW/ BLACK CROWN) – I expected this to settle at $30, and it did. However, recent sales are showing it moving up. A copy just sold at auction for $37+shipping. There are several copies listed around $20. So, will those copies now disappear? I think the market is still trying determine what the error actually was… and better yet, if KID LOBOTOMY is even a book they should care about.

MIGHTY THOR #700 ZDARSKY ERROR MISPRINT (MARVEL) – A recall notice never came and therefor the price has stayed at $15-$20. So now, it’s just a high print error. High print errors still sell, but will never gain steam past its current price point.

MIGHTY THOR #700 HUGHES 1:100 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Last week, we saw copies selling for close to $200. Before its release, I was asked what I thought it was going to do, and I expected it to drop and settle to $125. It’s almost there and should be there by next week. Prices are currently at $150, with multiple sales around $130. Why? Well, there are a lot on eBay. This is mostly due to stores receiving multiple copies and then bragging about it via posts with them fanned out on the floor. While that does negate rarity in a visual way, what we all need to remember is that variants by Hughes and Campbell don’t fly under the radar anymore. Sellers know they sell, order plenty and make sure to price them accordingly. Don’t ditch your copy though. Tuck it away. Almost every Hughes variant goes up over time. This will be no different. Just be patient… even if that means 5 years or so. With that said, if they hit $100 or less, buy one!

Z NATION #6 (OF 6) MICHELANGELO PARRILLO VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – This is selling for a steady $55. One seller sold 4 copies and now only has one left. That last copy might not be a bad purchase. Copies are going to dry up really fast and should jump up to $100 like the #2 issue did.



BATMAN THE MERCILESS #1 & BATMAN THE MERCILESS #1 2ND PRINT (DC) – Wait, the 1st print AND 2nd print both came out this week? The first print foil is selling decently from cover price to $6 + shipping. The 2nd print is mostly selling for cover print. I have a feeling those 2nd prints are hard to find.



AMERICA #8 1:25 BARTEL VARIANT (MARVEL) – Man, this cover is awesome. Jen Bartel (of HEATHEN) is another artist that I need to pay close attention to. This variant is not doing great at $10-$20. But that’s great for me as I couldn’t find a single store in my area that qualified for one. I absolutely think you should grab one in that price range.

BLACK CROWN QUARTERLY #1 FALL 2017 (IDW) – I can’t guarantee that this will heat-up, but it’s full of original stories, new characters and previews for IDW’s new Black Crown line. $6.99 is definitely not a cheap spec to test out. But, you never know. This could have some possible 1st appearances on characters/books that get hot down the road. They’re selling for cover on eBay.

CAVEWOMAN CARRIES OASIS DIARY #1 (AMRYL) – For the past several months, I decided to leave these and the Boundless titles off this article. I guess the proper term for them is “smut comics”. However, I wanted to point out Connie Valentina’s gorgeous virgin variant (cover F) for this issue. It’s not spec, but it’s fantastic and it’s definitely the most tasteful cover (which says a lot about the other covers) that has ever come from the Cavewoman titles. It’s also limited to 350 copies.  All the cheap copies are gone.

DC HOUSE OF HORROR #1 (DC) – I generally refrain from saying that I dislike any cover, but this can get a special exception. I mean…. Look at Green Lantern! What is he doing to that candle? SMH.



HACK SLASH RESURRECTION #1 (IMAGE) – I’m not the biggest fan of this month’s Walking Dead homage covers. However, this is probably the best of the bunch. They’re selling for cover, but one saw a sale for $16.99.

JUGHEAD THE HUNGER #1 (ARCHIE) – The Jughead Werewolf looks JUST like Harry Potter’s Professor Lupin’s Werewolf. Just saying is all.


RICK & MORTY #31 B VARIANT (ONI) – Honestly, whether you hate R&M or love it, the comics sell really, really well. This is currently selling for cover. However, it’s a decent/cheap spec that could do decently. The crossover Disney/R&M fans will love this Haunted Mansion Stretching room homage variant. I don’t think R&M has done anything Disney related before, so this could have some heat down the road.

RUFF & REDDY SHOW #1 (OF 6) (DC) – I wasn’t sure what this was until I researched it. Ruff & Reddy are old Hanna Barbera characters. I have nothing more then that.


TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #75 (IDW) – Anniversary issue. I’m always expecting something cool for anniversary issues. It’s too bad that the direct covers are just okay. There are some great store variants by Planet Awesome though. I don’t buy store exclusives anymore, but there’s a Ramos Raphael B&W virgin variant that I love. I’m also not a big Ramos fan either, but I want this.



WONDER WOMAN #33 (DC) – Another great Frison! One for the PC.


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