The Day After Wednesday for 6/8/17

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/7/17. They could still be at your shop.



BABYTEETH #1 VARIANTS (AFTERSHOCK) – Man, Donny Cates is everywhere lately. There are a lot of store variants for these, so let’s highlight the best selling. To start, the standard cover is selling for cover. The Torque Cover B Variant is selling for mostly $10, though the most recent sale was for $20. The blank variant is doing pretty well at $15. The ashcan is selling for $38. The Midtown variant is selling for $20 (despite still being available at midtown for $10). There are multiple super limited variants that don’t seem to be doing more then $20 to $30. The Eh! Variants seem to be doing the best, selling for $125 for a set of the 3 covers (250, 150 & 100 copies).   Wrapping up, there are several HOT covers that can probably still be found at your LCS.

BATMAN #24 (DC) – So, Batman finally proposed to Catwoman. I’m in. If they follow through with an actual Marriage, it could be an interesting path for the Bat titles. A long-term spec to watch is DC Super-Stars #17, the first appearance of Helena Wayne, daughter of Selena & Bruce of Earth-Two and also that universe’s Huntress. It’s a stretch, but seeing stories in the future featuring Damian and his little sister together could be awesome. With all that said, sets are selling consistently for $20, and $10 individually. I think they’re worth holding for now and see how the story plays out.

GWAR ORGASMAGEDDON #1 (OF 4) ASHCAN (DYNAMITE) – Wow. Okay, where to start. SO, the standard 5 variants aren’t doing a lot. However the 1:100 variant, all signed by the band, sell for “at ratio” of $100. The foil HIPHOPF Golden Showers is a steady $35. However, the book you want to get is the ashcan. That’s selling for $70 (supposedly limited to 100 copies). I think $70 for an ashcan is worthy of a HOT spot.

STAR WARS DARTH VADER #1 1:50 BROOKS VARIANT (MARVEL) – So, this book saw presales at a height of $80, it dipped to $50 this morning as copies hit eBay and then now, by the end of the day (as people realize they couldn’t find a copy), it’s right back up to $80. This is a great cover. Brooks has the ability to take a cover and make it stand out from the rest. How many Darth Vader variants have there been since they launched the new Marvel comic line? Due to laziness, I’m going to say “a lot”.  Sure, the faded old comic repro look has been done. But Brooks does it really, really well.  I think this will be going up, at worst it will hold its value.

STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS #2 (OF 8) 1:25 LOUW VARIANT (UDON) – $35 to $40 is pretty good. Keep in mind that this is NOT Artgerm, despite it looking very much like his style. Some of those higher sales had ARTGERM in the title, which sucks for the buyer who is truly looking for Artgerm books.


BLACK SCIENCE #30 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – Selling from cover price to $6

NAMWOLF #2 (ALBATROSS) – Namwolf #2 Mignola Variant it still selling for a steady $10 (granted, the cover price is $6. So, not a great profit margin).

SAGA #43 PRINTS (IMAGE) – The signed copy is still selling decently at $50. The prices for the other copies are fluctuating. I don’t think these will hold much long-term value.

SPAWN SILVER FOIL RETAILER THANK YOU VARIANT (IMAGE) – Prices have pretty much stabilized at $120 to $130. That’s not a bad drop from a height of $170. That’s also pretty impressive for a book that was fairly available. Yes it’s a reprint, and yes it says “THANKS” all over it, but people still want it. Why? Well, not to get too deep here, for many of us 90’s collectors Spawn was pretty much the face of 90’s collecting. We might not read the current series like we did back then, but fans will still buy awesome Spawn covers to display with their collections. Spawn just sells really well on the back market.



HEATHEN #4 (VAULT) – Vault is still doing 1:5 variants for each issue, and they are still hard to find. This has sold from $8 to $15, which the most recent copy selling for $8.

INJECTION #13 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – This was the only Spawn variant that I actually saw in person on the shelf.   And…. I left it there. It’s selling for mostly cover, with a set selling for $14.

ZOMBIES ASSEMBLE #2 1:25 LAND VARIANT (MARVEL) – Selling for $30, people seem to like this variant. It’s a fairly creepy cover when you look closely at all the details. If you take into consideration the standard 2nd issue print run drop, plus it’s a book that stores are already under ordering…. this variant might have the perfect conditions to go up.   It’s the book “to watch” this week.





GAME OF THRONES CLASH OF KINGS #1 (DYNAMITE) – While I impatiently wait for July, I still have yet to pick up any of the comics for GOT.  This isn’t selling for much, but check out the 1:30 Cover H virgin variant (shown above). It’s awesome.

HARLEY QUINN #21 “B” CHO VARIANT (DC) – Just a great Harley cover and wanted to make sure that was noted.




KISS VAMPIRELLA #1 (OF 5) (DYNAMITE) – If you love Kiss and Vampirella, then today is your day. Congrats!







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