The Day After Wednesday for 9/16/2017

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” (Weekend Edition) list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 9/13/17. They could still be at your shop.



REALM #1 (IMAGE) – Man, was this book hard to find this week. It was definitely a surprise to see it jump up like it did. Both Moore’s and Haun’s covers are doing well. Haun is selling for $10 and Moore’s (which is awesome) is selling for about $12. What’s primed to go nuts is the Comics Elite exclusive. Comics Elite was selling these for $20 up until they sold out today. $60 should be an easy target for that variant…. and probably even hitting a $100 by the end of the weekend. The other books to watch are the secret variants, which appear to be sold during a book tour through the country.  Those are selling for $110 to $200.  None are currently listed.  Those are going to go nuts.  Overall, the big question is, can it hold? Indie and Image books can be very volatile. What worries me on the two main covers are the 100+ listings currently listed on eBay. That’s the calm before the under cutter wave.  72E had a similar issue, but held it’s ground for months.  One to watch very closely.  I would recommend you hold your copies.

ROSE #6 CVR B FINCH (IMAGE) – I’ll give you two reasons why this book was so hot and hard to find this week. Mr. & Mrs. Finch, right? Okay, it’s probably the boobs. This was hitting pre-orders of $15. It has rested to about $12 shipped. Which is decent.  With over 40 copies listed, I foresee that price dropping as well. As always, tread lightly when buying in the new hot title of the week.

SHEENA #1 1:50 VIRGIN CAMPBELL VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – I had immediately disregarded this cover and didn’t realize that it’s actually doing pretty good. The last several sales have been for $70 and $80. There’s about 10 currently listed around the same price and there has been almost no undercutting. Granted, these are not quickly disappearing, but there are steadily selling at that price.

SINK #1 (COMIXTRIBE) – Whether it was intentional or not, Comixtribe did really well syncing this up with the release of IT. That clown cover is creepy. Sales have been really good, with both cover A & B selling for $17 shipped. A set runs a little cheaper at $27 shipped. Again, while copies are still selling for those prices, there are about 40 listed. Most of those are sets.  It looks like it’ll get hit by under cutters and settle to $16 a set. If the story is as interesting as the covers are, they could increase once copies dry up. What would be interesting to see are the Lain Laurie UK Exclusives (limited to 300 copies) and the self-published copies (limited to 250) that was given out this Fall at conventions. Comics Heating-Up mentioned those variants + their tiny print runs and I have yet to see any show up on eBay. Those will definitely do really well.

TEEN TITANS #12 METAL TIE-IN (DC) – Oops, almost missed this one.  Thanks to our readers for pointing it out.  I even bought one and just forgot to add it!  Anywho, I’m a massive fan of Stjepan Seijic.  His Witchblade stuff has always been on my radar.  To see him doing DC is awesome.  And these covers are awesome as well.  This also marks the first appearance of “Batman Who Laughs”.  It will be interesting to see where they take that character.  These issues are both selling for about $10-12 shipped and $19-$25 shipped for a set.  The good news is there’s no undercutting and not huge amount of issues are listed (about 18 listings by my count today).  Several of the books in our warm  and hot lists are only varied by a $1 or two.  The difference is the amount of copies listed and which way the market is swaying.  Prices seem to be trending upwards for TT #12.  I think it’s worth grabbing a set.


WALKING DEAD #171 PINK SIGNATURE (IMAGE) – This is still going strong. A NM copy sold for $81 recently and a VF/NM copy for $70. That shows some solid heat when a lesser condition copy is barely affected price wise. That’s pretty rare to see.  The standard copies aren’t doing much, so there’s really no need to stock up on those.



We have some tepidly-warm books in here…. just barely missing COOL thanks to the love/comic-chatter these covers got all week.

ALL NEW WOLVERINE #24 YU STANDARD COVER (MARVEL) – This is an awesome cover. Prices have bounced around from $7 to $12 shipped. Right now, it’s averaging about $8. Pretty warm, but has some long-term potential.

GENERATIONS WOLVERINE & ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 2ND PTG MATTINA (MARVEL) – This is selling for $10 shipped, which is (again) decent. But none of these Generation 2nd prints have really picked up steam. They’re all selling for about the same. Mr. Trey Kenyon had a good point that these could do really well as a set in the near future. I definitely think they could as well. However, for now, they’re just hovering in warm. I also can’t quite put my finger on why they’re just okay to me. They’re obviously great…. but I’m just not excited about them.

SUPERGIRL #13 ARTGERM “B” VARIANT (DC) – This has been selling for about $8 shipped… which is really cover price + shipping…. leaving you with a $1ish profit. I like this cover. However, I don’t think it caught anyone by surprise. Granted, I didn’t see any copies left anywhere, but my stores also didn’t get anyone knocking on their door for one. Seeing that there’s 2 more Artgerm covers to go, buy cautiously as store’s will definitely be upping their orders on them.

WEAPON X #8 LAND VENOM VARIANT (MARVEL) – This book is selling strangely. One sale will be at cover, and the next $10 shipped, and the most recent sale was at $27 shipped (with the standard cover). $10 shipped seems to be the going rate. There’s a lot of copies listed… and they’re selling.

WONDER WOMAN #30 FRISON “B” VARIANT – Love Frison. This is also selling for $8 shipped.




DARK NIGHTS METAL #2 (DC) – Using baby Darkseid as a weapon seems pretty cool. No market movement though.

HARLEY QUINN 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 (DC) – I learned something a while back on Harley spec…. don’t buy it. Why? If Venom is the king of overdone covers, then Harley is the Queen. With the exception of the Hughes New 52 #1, almost every Harley variant has been a bust for me. Granted, there are plenty that do really well. But there are just way too many covers for every new special or #1 for her. Heck, she has a bunch of covers for books she’s not even in. If you’re like me, don’t spec on new Harley covers, just “buy what you like”.

MISTER MIRACLE #1 (OF 12) 2ND PTG (DC) – The 1st print is still doing well. However, that doesn’t seem to drive up value for the 2nd print.

NINJAK #0 (VALIANT) – Does Ninjak remind anyone else of Jago from Killer Instinct? Damn, I loved that game.

RETCON #1 (IMAGE) – This just got completely overshadowed by Realm.

ROCKY & BULLWINKLE SHOW #1 (AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY) – So, one copy sold of the 1:3 retro cover at $17.50. However, no other copies have sold and you can currently buy one for half that price.

RUNAWAYS #1 (MARVEL) – It’s great to see this series back. I loved the original series and also the 2nd series when they weaved characters in like Darkhawk, Cloak and Dagger. Apparently the variants for this new #1 didn’t quite capture the market’s interest, as they all seem to be selling low. The 1:25 can be bought for almost cover price. The 1:50 saw some sales at $30, but they show signs of dropping below $20 very soon. Can you imagine if Mattina, Del Otto or Brooks would have done a cover for this?

SECRET EMPIRE OMEGA #1 (MARVEL) – I had a Turner Cap 1:50 color variant in my hand for $70, and I was tempted to get it. However, I knew that price was high and put it back. Man, am I glad I did. It saw ONE sale at $79 on Wednesday, and then went right back to its pre-sale price of $30. The 1:100 B&W looks even better with Turner’s art.   That’s only selling for about $70 and seems to show signs of dropping. I’m a huge fan of Michael Turners. He was the one creator that I truly mourned and miss greatly. While it’s great to see his art again, I would really like to see less of it. Why? For me, it’s special and it should be treated like so. Slapping his art on a meh event book doesn’t seem worthy enough (though he would have totally done the art for a book like this). I would just like to see it used more selectively and even at a higher ratio, like 1:300+.

SLAM NEXT JAM #1 (BOOM) – Just Slam! da duh duh, da duh duh. Let the boys be boys!

WOLFENSTEIN #1 (OF 2) (TITAN) – Cool covers.

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