The End of Summer One


August and fifth Wednesday are not typically a good combination, and this week is the perfect illustration for that. Not the most interesting week comic-wise if you’re only following singles, but there’s a few good trades coming out today: Providence HC #3 (can’t think of a better book if you like both Lovecraft and Moore), Bad Machinery TPB #2 (Giant Days‘ John Allison’s pre-Giant Days work) and Hero Squared Omnibus (which I already have in singles form but I have never managed to read from start to finish as the singles keep moving around), we shall meet soon.

Halo: Rise of Atrox #1

Halo comics have never been great investments, but this one seems to be sold out at Midtown?

G.I. Joe #8 Mark Whalen Variant

Another week, another Whalen variant. Adding it to the list because I have an OCD problem.

The Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe! How many volumes has G.I. Joe gone through by now?

Savage Dragon #226

A president is not a president until he appears in Savage Dragon. If you’re looking for subtlety, this is probably not for you.

Generations: Totally Awesome Hulk / Banner Hulk Francesco Mattina 2nd Print Variant

Marvel using Mattina for a 2nd print set is kinda brilliant, as they will sell better than a standard 2nd print.

Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Marvel vs Capcom Variant

I lost interest in the MvC variants as the covers by Marvel artists were not as good as the Capcom artists’. This is one of the good ones, though!

Secret Empire #10 Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant

Awesome cover by Dell’Otto and, as it’s not a ratio variant, it should be easy enough to find.

Batvark #1

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this (or the other Cerebus one-shots coming) but I have pre-ordered all of them to see Sim making fun of the industry. Crossing my fingers and hoping it’s worth it.

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension #1 Foil Variant

Titan jumps on the Foil Variant train with what looks to be a pretty boring cover. Will foil make it better? I guess I must not be the only one wondering …

Wait, there is another JSC Secret Empire #10 variant, how does it fit in the 9-piece puzzle?

If you remember there was some anger at Marvel for adding a red frame on the JSC variant for #1 because it didn’t really work for connecting covers. Well, Marvel’s got your back, because this week’s variant can be placed in the same position as #1, so everyone (or no one at all) is happy.

Marvel: turning mistakes into opportunities since 1961.Swipe of the week

Not the greatest swipe of all time, but it’s a ratio cover and a tribute to the poster of a movie that launched the Whedon empire (not going through its best moments).

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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