The Express One


Running late this week (hopefully everything will be back to normal by the end of this week), so excuse the lack of insight and random ramblings! Welcome to the express one!

Nightwing: The New Order #1 Paul Pope Cover

Pope’s awesome! Nightwing micro-event running in parallel with a Batman macro-event’s weird! Might get ignored?

Mother Panic #10 Sana Takeda Cover

Awesome Takeda B cover to a title that’s probably not doing huge numbers.

Bettie Page #2 Linsner 1:20 Variant

Linsner + Page + Ratio = Opportunity

Z-Nation #5 Parrillo 1:25 Variant

People are digging these remakes of classic paintings. Print runs will be getting smaller.

Weapon X #7

While we are all trying to figure out whether this will have any sort of legs, Marvel keeps selling out of these.

Incidentals #1

Joe Casey and Larry Stroman … talk about two hit and miss creators. I am getting a 90s Valiant vibe out of this. Keeping an eye on this!

Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1 Turner Premium Foil Variant

Nothing says 90s like a Turner Lady Death foil variant (unless Marvel proves me wrong and puts out a S.Platt rub the blood cover with Gambit and Bishop in it).

M.A.S.K. #9 Tom Whalen Cover

A new one coming out today, so if you’re going for the set, keep your eyes open. MASK’s print run is under 5K.

What happens when you put together all the JSC Secret Empire Variants?

I think this might work better as 9 different illustrations … It looks kinda disjointed as one image. Or is it just me?

Swipe of the Week

Shirtless Bear Fighters #3 Beariant … ‘Nuff said!

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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