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Dark Days: The Forge

I’m kind of surprised more people aren’t talking about Snyder’s Dark Days: The Forge. His run on Batman may be the greatest run in Batman history, even surpassing Grant Morrison. Snyder began laying the groundwork for this series going all the way back to the Batman: The Court of Owls arc. Snyder has said this is a story he might never be able to tell. I am glad he was wrong! Despite some questionable art there were some pretty important revelations in this comic.

Forge is basically a continuation of Snyder’s definitive Batman run but the series is focused on the metal from the DCU. Dionysium, Etherum and Nth Metal are all playing an integral role.

So far these are the key books…

Superman 5 ( 2016 )

First appearance of the Lunar Batcave

Yup Batman has a batcave on the moon!

World of Krypton 2

First Kryptonian warsuit

That sure looks like warsuit Batman uses to rescue Carson through a volcano!

Batman Vol. 2 Issue 2

First appearance of Etherium/Court of Owls tooth

Etherium is used by the Court of Owls to reanimate its soldiers and was a major part of the Court of Owls arc. In this issue we see the tooth for the first time as it was retrieved from the dead body of a man who would eventually be revealed as the Court of Owls trainer.

Batman Vol. 2 Issue 38

Origin of Dionysium Metal

The Flash 1

First appearance of Nth Metal

I have to include this book because Nth metal is a major part of the story but this is not really a book most speculators are going to be finding anywhere.

Infinite Crisis 3 & Crisis on Infinite Earths 2

There’s a bit of confusion concerning the Cosmic Tuner which was buried by Batman under the Fortress of Solitude. Massive continuity issues aside ( and there are many ) I cannot quite figure out if the tuner is the original or one created by Alexander Luthor Jr. Luthor’s fork was destroyed in Infinite Crisis but he could have built more. How did Batman find it or did he build it himself for some unknown purpose? The one we see in the fortress looks more like the one from Infinite Crisis and with Ani-Monitor’s reintroduction in The Darkseid War I don’t see how it can be the original. Time will tell but for now these two books are the keys concerning the tower.

Other picks…

TMNT Adventures Special 3

First appearance of Monsterex

Monsterex has a bit of a cult following. He’s really a mutated mixture of some of the best monster characters ever created. With the current TMNT cartoon set to end it appears Monsterex will be making his first animated appearance to close out the series!

The Divided States of America & The Hustler Anniversary Issue

The Divided States of Hysteria has been receiving enough negative publicity to get it noticed. Gender issues aside, I find it odd that it was released the same month as this Hustler issue. Both featuring a strikingly similar cover design. There aren’t too many times an adult magazine falls into the speculative market but this is a cheap buy featuring a controversial image and is only available to an age appropriate part of the population.

Black Lightning 3

Tobias Whale has been confirmed as the villain for the CW’s Black Lightning Series. Here is his first cover.

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